Get Ordained Locally with
Christian Leaders Alliance

Have you heard of the Christian Leaders Alliance? Are you a local Christian Leader called into ministry? Are you looking for an ordination option that fits you? One that includes an appropriate ordained minister course of study. One that includes a process where local Christian leaders confirm your call as an ordained minister locally.  One where you are part of a growing movement of ministers connected to each other. Ordained ministers who desire to seek to bring people back to God in revival.

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) is connected to the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI)! The Institute does the training, the Christian Leaders Alliance guides the ordaining in a local process with local church leaders. Internet scams make your ordination a transaction. Christian Leaders Alliance connects you with an ecuministry ordination.

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) is blurring the line between clergy and laity. CLA is passionate that local revival leaders are identified, trained with high-quality classes, and mobilized in their local communities. You do not move away from their centers of influence but stay where you are to champion more gospel impact!

CLA wants to go back to how the early church mobilized local leaders.

Sign up now for to begin your generosity-driven ministry training. You will receive a scholarship after you finish the introductory class. Then you only need to take one more class and you can apply for legitimate ordination that is connected to local Christian leaders.

Click Here to read more about the ordination study process at Christian Leaders Institute.

History of the Ordained Minister in the Early Church

The line between clergy and laity was blurry in the first two centuries of the church. In the 300s, around the time of Roman Emperor Constantine, churches stopped identifying local leaders out of their congregations. Instead, they began “calling” them from other places. Eventually, the church hierarchy placed the clergy.

The grassroots way was lost.

At the time of the early church, local churches planted leaders everywhere by generously ordaining deacon ministers. The deacons were the ministers. In fact, the word “minister” is the Latin translation of the Greek word “deacon.” These “deacon ministers,” men and women, were heroes of faith. Few were ever paid. Many died as martyrs.

Christian Leaders Institute is exponentially training and mobilizing Christian Leaders through online training. The Christian Leaders Alliance is recognizing these local “deacon ministers!  A locally ordained minister is ordained as a partnership between CLI-CLA and local mentors, pastors, and leaders.

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