Ordination Journey in ministry

Ordination Journey in Ministry

My Ordination Journey in Ministry

My name is Tammy Surrine McCray, and the following is my ordination journey in ministry. I am currently residing in Orlando, Florida. This Deacon Minister Ordination will assist my ministry with having a greater biblical understanding and a more in-depth insight through the rich, high-quality education obtained from Christian Leaders Institute.

This ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance will enable me to be the most effective minister. I will minister by unconditionally, lovingly, and justly serving to meet the needs of the body of Christ and all peoples with a faithful heart. When allowed to minister anywhere in the world, with the assistance of CLI, I will be equipped to provide any required documentation or proof confirming I am an Ordained Minister.

Ministry Opportunities

Currently, I have opportunities and invitations to speak at churches and organizations of family members in the Carolinas. Other various speaking opportunities from friends and others in my present local communities are also opening up to me.

God blessed me to become self-employed and open my very own Hair Salon in 2000. My salon is a place to be free in my faith and to share the Word of God with my clients. I have the opportunity to set the atmosphere with inspirational gospel music, biblical and motivational movies, and prayer when necessary. God gave me this business as my ministry platform to stand on for almost 2o years now. I still have my business today. There I minister to support families and marriages, laughing and mourning, celebrating births and celebrating God’s people who have already passed on, and so much more.

God has also used me in countless ways as I have worked deep within non-profit organizations, mostly in education, due to my passion for families and children. During these times, God places someone or a situation that allows me an opportunity to minister, encourage, and offer genuine support and love to those in need.

Ordination Journey in Ministry with CLI

My journey with CLI has blessed me to obtain my Deacon Ministry Ordination without being in any future financial debt! My training with CLI has been liberating, informative, and encouraging. Now I desire to delve into my studies to search out history for a deeper understanding and meaning of Scripture. I understand more about the Old Testament law and the New Testament grace.

I take full advantage of the information necessary to obtain the knowledge to be an effective leader and in going out and making more effective leaders. My entire learning experience at CLI has helped mature and grow me with the help of the Holy Spirit. It has also prepared me for my future ministry. I have a strong desire to continue my education path at CLI and continue growing in the Word of God to support my future ministry.

Prayer Request

Please pray for me and my ministry. Pray that I remain encouraged. Pray that my life depicts a leader and a minister having a love of God. May the Holy Spirit work God’s perfect will in my life. May I spread the Gospel to the entire world boldly and with total confidence in the Lord. Pray that I never fear anyone or anything or waver, no matter what, even if it costs me my life. Please pray that I will keep my eyes on the Lord and diligently pursue the lost. May I reach many lost souls to receive the message of the cross before Jesus’ return.