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Ordained and Licensed Chaplain

My name is Juvenalia Mendes, and I am excited to be an ordained and licensed Chaplain with CLA. I am Portuguese. After leaving Portugal at the age of 19 to live on the small Island of Pico Azores, I have now been living in the USA for the last six years. I have two biological […]

Journey to Ordained Ministry

My name is Amber Scavo, and the following is my journey to ordained ministry. I currently reside in the beautiful state of Tennessee with my husband of 13 years and our 12-year-old son. My husband and I are blessed to serve together in such an impactful way as Campus Pastors at Christpoint Church-Smithville Campus. We […]

Ordained and Licensed Minister

My name is Robert McIntyre, an ordained and licensed minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance. My wife is Deb McIntyre, a truly wonderful woman. We have four adult children, two granddaughters, and a grandson. We live in Central Indiana in the United States of America. There was a neighborhood lady when I was growing up […]

Pastoring and Chaplaincy Call

My name is Eric Ross, and I have a pastoring and chaplaincy call from God. God led me to CLI for ministry training and CLA for ordination. I am married for 23 years to my wife Betty. We live just outside Nashville, TN. I found the Christian Leaders Institute through an internet search after praying […]

Life Coaching Call to Ministry

Blessed to be a Blessing My name is Julie Phillips, and I have a life coaching call of my life. My husband Don and I live in beautiful Stuart, Florida. The deacon minister ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance is the next step on my life coaching call journey. Raised in a church-going family, I […]

Women’s Ministry Call Journey

My name is Juvenalia Mendes, and I am on a women’s ministry call journey. I am Portuguese and have been living in Hilmar, California, for the past six years. I have worked in foster care and, from that experience, adopted three siblings. We also have two small Pugs. I’ve always loved taking care of children […]

Deacon Minister Ordination with CLA

Deacon Minister Ordination with CLA Hello! My name is Christopher Ryder. Currently, my family and I live in Munich, Germany. The Deacon Minister ordination with CLA (Christian Leaders Alliance) is a blessing for me. This Deacon Minister ordination with CLA will assist my ministry as I become more credible and accountable to Jesus and serving […]

Licensed Wedding Officiant

Growing the Kingdom My name is Chantal Ryder, and I am excited to become a licensed Christian wedding officiant with CLA. I’m currently living overseas to minister to the homeless here in Germany. My husband and I founded our own ministry for serving the homeless called “Flaming Wings And Swords Ministry.” So, together with our […]

Training and Ordination Journey

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! My name is Osas Lucky Izogie, and I have been on a training and ordination journey. Currently, I am receiving training at CLI and ministry ordination with CLA. Seventeen years ago, I moved to Los Angeles, CA, from my home country of Nigeria, where […]