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Marketplace Ministry Ordination

Marketplace Ministry Ordination My name is James LaVine, and I am seeking a marketplace ministry ordination. I am married to my loving wife Laura for 11 years. We blended and adopted each other’s’ children totaling four amazing daughters aging from 15 to 27. I also have four granddaughters. I was raised Catholic until I was […]

Youth Minister Ordination Journey

Youth Minister Ordination Journey I am Martin S. Sandikie and I am on a Youth Minister ordination journey. I live in Liberia. Liberia is very poor. These free classes are vital for me and others in my country! I was baptized when I was 16 years old as a result of encouragement from my dad. After my […]

Move For The Lord – Ordination Training Path

Ordination Training Path Hi everyone! My name is Brandon and I am on an ordination training path at CLI and CLA. The Lord has led me to my current location in Bozeman, Montana. The Lord called me to ministry in my mid-twenties. I knew Jesus was saying to me, “You are my child, but what are […]

Ministry Ordination Story

Ministry Ordination Story My name is Cindia Quiñones and this is my ministry ordination story. I am the fifth of six children. My parents are Juan and Maria. I am a mother of two children and we live in Chicago, Illinois. I grew up in a Christian household. My mother ensured we attended weekly church […]

God Planned Ordination

My name is Katrina Reed and I am on a God planned ordination journey. I was born in Oak Ridge, TN, the 3rd and last child of a loving family committed to the Lord through serving at church, and in the community in the early ’60s. My parents baptized me in the Episcopal Church at 3 […]

Ordination Path

Ordination Path My name is Georgianna Stryker and I have been on an ordination path. I am an only child and my parents are separated but remain good friends. I did not grow up in a religious home. My mother believed in God but never pushed anything upon me. I was not baptized as a […]

God Directed My Path To Chaplaincy Studies

Chaplaincy Studies My name is Yolanda “Promise” Bolden, and God has directed my path to Chaplaincy studies at CLI. I reside in Los Angeles California as well as Virginia Beach. As a teen, I dropped out of high school, experimented with drugs, and walked away from the church. I had a rich familial church history. […]

Ordained Officiant Minister

Ordained Officiant

Ordained Officiant My name is Dan Williams. I believe the role of an ordained officiant minister will help me by opening doors for ministry, It has been my desire upon my conversion to honor my sweet Lord Jesus. I believe people in this world are looking for credibility and credentials. It is my hope that […]

Minister Ordination Mission

Minister Ordination Mission My name is George Stack and I have a minister ordination mission. I was born in post-war Brisbane, Australia. The second son of six children. My family was dominated by my father; at times physically. Religious education, a school subject on Thursday morning in 8th grade, would often include hymns such as, […]

Woman Ministry Ordination

Woman Ministry Ordination My name is Mrs. Ciara Ibarra and this is the story of my woman ministry ordination. I just recently married on Oct 22nd, 2018. I am very excited to be a part of the Christian Leaders Institute. I am 33 years old living in Southeast Texas. I’m an avid fan of Vintage […]