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Women’s Ministry Ordination

Women’s Ministry Journey My name is Tina-Marie Meyer, and here is my women’s ministry journey. I live in Pretoria, South Africa. Born in a small town called Swakopmund in Namibia, I am the oldest of three children. Raised as a Christian, I never really knew what it meant to be a Christian. My parents dropped […]

Spiritual Journey to Ordination

My Spiritual Journey to Ordination at CLA My name is Johan Jacobs from South Africa, and here is the story of my spiritual journey to ordination. When I made a commitment to serve God more than 25 years ago, I never thought that I would consider being ordained in any ministry role. To be ordained […]

Reaching Those With Disabilities For Christ

Reaching Those With Disabilities My name is Jacob Garber, and I am called to reaching those with disabilities. I live in Michigan in the United States. I enjoy reading nonfiction and also like to camp and fish in my spare time. The last born of four children, I was born in 1983. My grandmother modeled […]

Called to Serve God

Pulled Up From the Deep and Called to Serve God I am called to serve God. Before, my life was a long, confusing, winding road. Society perplexed me. I wondered how people could care about the menial things they did and not care about the things that mattered most. The spiritual world always called to […]

Ordination Thanksgiving

Ordination Thanksgiving My name is Jon Dowler, and here is my story of ordination thanksgiving. I have been in the ministry for 33 years. I am thankful beyond measure for Christian Leaders Institute and President Henry Reyenga following this call to provide free Christian Education! What an undertaking! I attended a Bible college in 1985. […]

Officiant Minister Ordination Journey

Officiant Minister Ordination Journey

Officiant Minister Ordination Journey And Beyond My name is Linda Stockner, and here is my officiant minister ordination journey and beyond. I am married to a wonderful godly man that the good Lord brought into my life a few years ago. Together we have five grown children and ten grandbabies. We currently live in a […]

Ordained Ministry Opportunity

Ordained Ministry Opportunity My name is Erica Moore. I am thankful for the ordained ministry opportunity I have with my deacon minister ordination with CLA. I am the mother of a ten-year-old daughter named Joy. Currently, I attend another online college and Christian Leaders Institute. I will obtain my bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership and my […]

Ordained Minister in the USA

 Ordained Minister in the USA My name is Camilo A. Drakes, and I am also excited to become an ordained minister in the USA. I live in Queens, New York. I am originally from the Republic of Panama, Colon City. From a very tender age, I received a solid foundation on the Word of God […]

Ministering Ordination: Called to Serve

Ministering Ordination My name is Nancy Drinkard, and I am receiving a ministering ordination. I am a retired computer programmer and am currently a caretaker for my aging mother and wife to my husband, Marshall. I live on a small acreage in rural Texas and enjoy the hobby farm life. Family Foundation and Struggles My […]

Christian Leaders Ordination

Christian Leaders Ordination: Growing in God! Hi, my name is Rudy, and I am excited about this Christian Leaders Ordination. I live in Mansfield, Texas, and am 36 years old. My wife and I celebrated sixteen years of marriage. I have a beautiful wife and three children. My wife and I have also been in […]