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Ordination Training Course

Ordination Training Course at CLI My name is John Bwalya Muma from Lusaka, Zambia. I am 49 years old and married to Lillian Saili Bwalya. Currently, I work as a lecturer at the University of Zambia in the School of Veterinary Medicine. The ordination training course at Christian Leaders Institute is a blessing to me. […]

Deacon Ordination Gratefulness

Deacon Ordination Gratefulness My name is Mrs. Lynnette Medrano, and I have deacon ordination gratefulness for this ministry training opportunity. My husband and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I prayed for about ten years and asked the Lord to put a Christian church in my community. Thankfully, He did. It is only two blocks away […]

Hometown Calling Ordination

Hometown Calling Greetings! Stand firm in the love of Our Father through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Walk in the Spirit, who unites us as brothers and sisters throughout the world. My name is Mary Whitlow.  I grew up in and now have a hometown calling to Muskegon, Michigan. I love living on […]

Ordained Deacon Opportunity

Ordained Deacon Opportunity My name is Sherry Marshall, and I am thankful for this ordained deacon opportunity I was born in 1976 to two loving parents. I am the youngest of three children. I married a wonderful man, Todd Marshall. Together we have six children, two girls, and four boys. We live in Duchesne, Utah. […]

Approved Minister Ordination

Approved Minister Ordination My name is Dexter D. J. Cartwright, and I am excited to receive my approved minister ordination. I am the last of five children born to Cleveland and Etoile Cartwright. While in my mother’s womb, it was prophesied to name me John. John is my third name. My mother was confident that […]

Ordained Ministry Call

Ordained Ministry Call My name is Raymond Andrade, and I have an ordained ministry call on my life. I am excited about this deacon minister ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance. I live in Upland, California, and have three children, two adults and a 13-year old that I have primary custody of. Early Life Growing up […]

Ordained Deacon Leader

Ordained Deacon Leader I am from Nepal, and I am an ordained deacon leader. I was born into a Hindu family in a remote part of Nepal in 1981. My mother came to the Lord when I was a still young boy. When I was young, I frequently got sick. My mother tried her best […]

Leader Ordination Journey

Leader Ordination Journey My name is Melissa Brown, and my leader ordination journey led me to CLI. Originally from Tennessee, I moved to Texas 10 years ago. This ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance is just the beginning of moving forward in my ministry. By having this ordination, it will help catapult me to new […]

Minister Ordination Call Journey

Minister Ordination Call My name is Florence Nora Fritz, and I am excited about my minister ordination call. I live in Melbourne, Florida, and serve at Calvary Chapel in Melbourne. God has been leading me as I have been walking with Jesus for 20+ years. I am a Christian with two brothers and two sisters, […]

Ordained Minister Education

Read how the free ordained minister education at CLI and ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance are assisting this man in his ministry work online and in his community.  Ordained Minister Education Greetings brothers and sisters in Jesus! My name is Johnny Fischer, and I run Leather and More Ministries. I live in the state of […]