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Youth Leader Ordination

Youth Leader Ordination My name is Kenneth Dunlap, but I go by Kad to all who know me. Currently, I live in Lugoff, South Carolina in the United States of America. I am the Youth Leader at my local church. Therefore, this deacon minister youth leader ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance is a blessing to […]

Ordained Deacon Commissioned Minister

Ordained Deacon Commissioned Minister Hi! My name is Michael Carr. I am an ordained deacon commissioned minister with Christian Leaders Alliance. I am a bred Coloradoan transplanted to the beautiful state of West Virginia. My wonderful wife Jackie and I have three grown children and three beautiful grandchildren. I am the youngest of three children. I grew up with […]

Ordained Deacon Youth Minister

Ordained Deacon Youth Minister Hello, my name is Logan Leach, and I am 20 years old. Becoming an ordained deacon youth minister is an answer to prayer. I was born and raised in South Carolina, in the Bible belt. I have a great family though not many in my family attend church. At one time […]

United Kingdom Revival

United Kingdom Revival My name is Curtis Browne, and I hope to see a United Kingdom Revival! I am 31 years old. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the UK with my beautiful wife, Mariam. We have three sons, Franklyn, Myles, and Samuel, and a new-born daughter, Alani. Currently, I serve as a fire-fighter […]

Christian Licensed Wedding Officiant

Christian Licensed Wedding Officiant

Christian Licensed Wedding Officiant: I’ll Sing of God’s Love This study journey has been a fantastic journey so far, and it’s only the beginning! As a Christian Licensed Wedding Officiant, I will now be able to conduct pre-marital counseling, conduct weddings officially, and even do marriage counseling for the newlyweds. When my husband and I got married, […]

Ministry Leader Ordination

Ministry Leader Ordination: Pursuing God’s Calling My name is Ephraim Termulo, and I am excited to receive my ministry leader ordination. I am from Bulacan, Philippines. My current ministries are in the areas of the campus, community outreach, municipal offices, and workplace. Because the demand of the ministry is vast, there is a need to equip […]

United Kingdom Ordination

United Kingdom Ordination Hello, my name is Rose Zerna, and my United Kingdom ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance is essential. I live in the United Kingdom. Initially, I came from the Philippines. The man in the picture is my husband and my pastor. I intentionally included him here because we are inseparable, and I have […]

Free Ordination Training

Free Ordination Training My name is Clyde Edward Denham. Most people know me by Lance. The free ordination training at CLI is a blessing. I live in the small town of Haven, Kansas. For me to tell you how this deacon ordination will help my ministry, I will share the condition of the church I attend. […]

Chaplain Ordination Journey

Chaplain Ordination Journey My name is Amanda Burton, and I am excited to be on this Chaplain ordination journey. God has blessed me to be the mother of four children. I have been a freelance writer for twenty years and have written Christian poetry for over fifteen years. I like to volunteer, spend time with […]

Ordination Calling Journey

Ordination Calling My name is Richard Lee, and I have a ministry ordination calling on my life. I live in Bergen County, New Jersey. I am a healthcare professional. My wife is Lillian Lee, and we have one son. As a child growing up in South Korea, I grew up in a Christian family. Throughout […]