First Name: Peter
Last Name: Banda
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: Raising up and mentoring CLI leaders in your area!
Ministry Journey:
I am a proud Zambia citizen, I have realized Zambia is a conducive environment for ministry. I would describe it as a fertile ground for ministry provided you have the necessary ministry qualification and a good profile with the authorities. The people in this country are hungry and thirst for God hence we take pleasure in the deep revelation of the scripture for in it we find our life. Zambia just like any other nation in Africa, it’s either you have God or nothing for Jesus is the only product we have to sustain our lives. I came to know the Lord in my teen years in the youth camp. So many powerful sermons were going on and I got compelled to receive the life of the God which I saw working amazingly in the life of many ministers in that youth camp meeting. I came to realize that ignorance is the most dangerous weapon of the enemy against the kingdom of God and kingdom knowledge is the main key to the door of the kingdom. A teacher is a title I am identified with, and I have invested a lot in teaching the word of God in depth. I have passion for saints more especially the youths, it’s my prayer and earnest desire that they grow in the knowledge of the word of God and I found pleasure not in just praying and wishing it into being but participating in unveiling kingdom revelations to enrich the knowledge. With the ministry training, I have acquired from Christian Leaders College, I have been able to reach several students in campuses without obstruction with the ministry training as a passport. Staying within the circumference of my calling, grace, and anointing is my prayer.
Website Address: Peter's CLI Profile
Phone Number: 260974809066
Address: Lusaka 10101
ZIP Code: 10101


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Listing Title: Banda