First Name: Amurra
Last Name: Bey
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To Support, Mentor and Raise up Christian Leaders in North Carolina for God’s Glory
Ministry Journey:

My name is Amurra Bey and I am from Charlotte, NC. I was born in 1977.

Early Life and Conversation:

I am an only child and I was raised by my mom. I was raised to go to church on Sunday. I was not a fan of going on every Sunday, I would always ask my mom why I had to go and she said that you need to learn about God. Just to be transparent with you, I did not want to go and I had no desire to learn about God. I just sat in church and talked to my friends. But as time went on I started to learn and I gave my life to Christ when I was 12 years old. I began to participate in church more. I joined the usher board and I joined the youth choir. God was doing great things in my life and I did not know it at this time. But he was about to take me to places I had never been.

Ministry Training

God called me to preach in 2008. I could not believe what God wanted me to do. I thought he had the wrong person. I ran for about a year before I did what he asked of me. I then did my trial sermon at O’zion AME Zion Church in the month of November in 2009. It was an awesome day and I will never forget that day. God truly took the wheel that day and people were blessed. I have learned so much since I started classes. I am working towards my Associate’s Degree. I just received the Pool of Bethesda scholarship from CLI on August 28th of 2019. I am so overwhelmed with joy for the love that this person has shown me. I am focused on finishing my degree by December 2019. I cannot explain my excitement and joy that I feel. After I finish this degree I am moving towards getting my Bachelors’s degree in Divinity. I plan on pursuing my Master’s Degree in Divinity. God has laid the path and I plan on following it. I give all praises to God!! I am excited that now I have started working on doing more volunteer work. I am going to working in the hospital and working in nursing homes. My future plans to become a Grief counselor. This is what God has called me to do. I believe that if God desires for me to move into this direction and I believe that he has plans for me and I know he would prepare me for this. I am enjoying this journey that God has placed me on. CLI has given me so many tools and skills to be able to build the kingdom. To God be the Glory I am now a volunteer with Christian Leaders College. This is a wonderful opportunity to assist new students with any issues or questions with there class needs. I look forward to working with CLI as they continue to do the work of God. That you CLI for all you do.
Ministry Journey:
I was the president of our Young Adult Missionary group and working on my first-year study classes for all ministers. I was so hungry for the word and I wanted to know so much more but God was moving me in a different direction. God wanted me to go out and spread the word and I did as he asked and was blessed at a camp meeting in 2015. I was attending an Andrew Womack camp meeting and right then I asked the Holy Spirit to enter my life because I wanted to have a closer walk with God. I never thought that my eyes would have been open so. I cannot explain what a journey it has been and I know God has so many more things in store for me. I am just going to stay focused and do whatever he asks of me. I love the Lord more than anything. Since I started the classes I have experienced warfare. I stay in prayer continuously threw out the day. I know God is on my side and I know with his help all things are possible.


Ordination: Amurra Bey was ordained a Deacon Minister in July of 2018 by the Christian Leaders Institute.

Personal Life: The love of my life is my husband Tariq and our three beautiful kids Mya 16, Kayla 10, and Bella 5.

Phone Number: 9802536745
Address: Charlotte, North Carolina 28208
United States
ZIP Code: 28208


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