Esihle Mboyana

Esihle Mboyana
Last Name: Esihle Mboyana
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To help raise up a new generation of revival leaders in South Africa
Ministry Journey:

In October 2012, Esihle Mboyana with his wife, Maria, and daughter relocated to Johannesburg from Cape Town.

Esihle Mboyana was raised in a Christian home by a Godly single mother. He walked with the Lord early on but had a time of straying.

Then, on March 30, 2010, when a life shuttering occurrence came into his life. Only the Lord could revive and strengthen him during that period. On that day he took the walk of salvation much more seriously and re-accept/re-affirm my faith in Christ once again as my Lord and personal Savior.

Shortly after this, Esihle sensed the call into ministry. He began Christian Leaders Institute in 2016. He was ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2017.

He is willing to mentor young Christian Leaders who are studying at Christian Leaders Institute. He will also help with ordination into the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Website Address: Esihle Mboyana Profile
Phone Number: 0835814525
Address: Johannesburg, Gauteng
ZIP Code: 2094


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Listing Title: Esihle Mboyana