Kelly Boland

Kelly Boland
Last Name: Kelly Boland
Type of Minister:
Ministry Dream: To minister to those experiencing lost in chaplaincy! Also, to mentor and encourage other Christian Leaders.
Ministry Journey:

Kelly Boland was adopted into a family that didn’t go to church except on holidays and told her she was free to believe whatever it is that she wanted and she was always interested in religion and spirituality. When she moved, she met a neighbor who became her best friend and her family would invite Kelly to church every Sunday. Kelly was so excited to go and join her, however, when she would go to church with her and her family she would get grounded upon returning home. Unfortunately, her family moved a couple years later and there was no way for her to continue to attend this particular church. She went to many different churches teaching many different things and was baptized into 6 different religions. She absolutely love reading the word and immersing herself into the churches activities.

She has had all four grandparents pass away, as well as friends, neighbors, and a boyfriend long ago. She remember when my grandfather was going to and from chemotherapy and he was was sick all the time. She would sit with him and tell him she loved him. She was 16 at the time, and she was told a lot to go outside or leave the room. She wanted to console him and her Grandma too! She remember sitting with him and hearing him talk about what heaven would be like and how he was ready to see his mom and dad again and how she shouldn’t be afraid for him or worry because he would be with Jesus. A passion has been ignited within Kelly, since that day, to bring word of God’s love to those who are sick or dying through Chaplaincy or being a Funeral Minister and to give hope to their families that they will see their loved ones again and how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, who makes it possible.

Kelly was ordained as a Women’s Minister in 2018 with the Christian Leaders Alliance!

Phone Number: 505-306-0577
Address: Bluffs Edge Place NW
ZIP Code: 87120


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