The Christian Leaders Alliance provides minister credentials, including Commended (Lay), Licensed, Ordained Minister Credentials for Christian Leaders Institute or College graduates.

Minister Credentials Programs

Commended Minister – The Commended Minister program has been traditionally thought of as a lay minister category training. This program incorporated primarily mini-courses that take less time to complete.

Licensed Clergy Minister – The Licensed Clergy program is designed for those who are primarily volunteering or part-time ministers. Ordinarily, these ministers have another means for their primary support. There are fewer ministry study courses, and there are fewer recommendations needed.

Ordained Clergy Minister – The Ordained Clergy program is designed for those interested in deepening their ministry preparedness. Those interested in volunteer, part-time, or full-ministries can find a program that fits them. There are three recommendations required in all ordination programs.

Life Coach Minister Credentials -The Life Coach Minister credentials include non-clergy and clergy credentials. There are different recommendations required depending on the Life Coach Minister Credential.

The Clergy DirectoryThe Clergy Directory posts those who have completed the Christian Leaders Alliance Clergy Credentials programs.

Life Coach Ministry call

Life Coach Ministry Call

Hope in Christ in Ministry Hello, my name is Jaymie, and I am a sinner saved by grace, through Christ alone. After my life coach ministry call, I became a student at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about free ministry and Bible…
Online ordination study and recognition

Online Ordination Study and Recognition

Pursuing God's Purpose for My Life Greetings! My name is Gabe Brown. I am pursuing God's purpose for my life. It includes online ordination study and recognition at CLI and with CLA. I am thankful to complete the Deacon Minister Ordination…
Answering God's Calling

Answering God's Calling

Answering God's Calling Is Sometimes Delayed, Yet Worth the Wait My name is Dan Fisher, Sr. My wife is Ana Daresa Fisher. With two grown children, I now enjoy helping raise my two wonderful stepsons. I am also answering God's calling to ministry.…
Wedding officiant training and credentialing

Wedding Officiant Training and Credentialing

The Bible tells us that marriage is not defined or ordained by humankind. Further, it is a union joined by God (Matt 19:6). Therefore, the officiant performing the wedding must do two things. First, they make the day unique for the bride and…
Ordained to Minister

Ordained to Minister

Hello! My name is Lorelei McNeil. I am excited to be ordained to minister in my home church. Recognition with the Christian Leaders Alliance is a blessing. Currently, I am a first-year intern at my church. I look forward to growing and learning…
Kingdom Ministry

Kingdom Ministry

Kingdom Ministry: Growing in the Lord My name is Lupe Gomez, and I'm from Whittier, California, in the United States of America. I am getting kingdom ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about online free Bible courses,…