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Christian Leaders Alliance is a network of Ordained Christian Leaders who purpose to expand the reach of Christianity through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over 2,500 Ordained or Licensed Ministers now make up the ordination network as of April 2020. More are added all the time.

Christian Leaders Institute uses online resources to deliver ministry training to Alliance ordained leaders, but all ordained leaders must have three recommendations vouching for their character. Throughout the history of the Christian church, ordained leaders experienced ministry training, recommendations, and commissioned by others. Christian Leaders Alliance honors this ordination tradition.

Leaders are commissioned locally as licensed or ordained clergy members. These are not online licensed or ordained ordinations. They are local with local endorsements.

Legally, Christian Leaders Alliance is the ordaining arm of Christian Leaders Ministries.

Christian Leaders Ministries, formerly named Christian Leaders, NFP is a 501 (c) 3 Religious non-profit granted religious exemption in 2007 from the United States Government for worldwide ministry.

Download the IRS determination letter.


Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Methodology

  1. Study
    Christian Leaders Alliance partners with Christian Leaders Institute who has crafted a study program that includes over 200 credits of college-level ministry training.
  2. Ministry Ordination Study and Local Connection
    After candidates for ordination complete college-level ministry training classes, they take an ordained minister class that explains what historical and local ordination means. At the conclusion of this class, ordination candidates must secure three recommendations. One from clergy, one from an ordained/community recommender, and one from their spouse, if married, or a friend. Then, the candidate is locally ordained.
  3. Posted on the Global Ordination Directory 
    At the completion of that process, the locally ordained Christian leader is posted on the Christian Leaders Alliance ordination directory. If a charge is made that the ordained leader is not living to the conduct of an ordained community leader, the person is removed from the global directory. An investigation will occur. Government officials can verify the ordination of a Christian Leaders Alliance ordained minister.
  4. Ordained Life Coach Minister
    The Christian Leaders Alliance in partnership with Christian Leaders Institute has developed an ordained Life Coach Minister program for those who are ordained as deacon ministers with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Click here to find out more.

Christan Leaders, NFP was chartered to bring “reproducible” Christianity to the world.  Our Charter documents include religious activity such as ordaining leaders and religious educational purposes covering the training of ministers through the Christian Leaders Institute.  Download a copy of the Article of Incorporation – illinois0001

Current Christian Leaders, NFP Board of Directors:

  • Brian DeCook, Chairman
  • Ed VanDrunen (Legacy)
  • David Zillig
  • Henry Reyenga, President
  • Roy Lucus
  • Don Therasse
  • Marty Ozinga III
  • Chris Branoff
  • Debbie Roesch
  • Todd Hazelton, Secretary

Christian Leaders, NFP, assuming the name Christian Leaders Ministries including Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance, has its World Headquarters in Spring Lake, Michigan. Christian Leaders, NFP is registered in the states of Illinois, Michigan, and Florida.

Michigan Address:

17771 West Spring Lake Rd
Spring Lake, Michigan 49456
Phone: 616-777-0305
Phone Hours: 8:30-15:00  (8:30am-3:00pm)

Florida Address:

2620 Cove Cay Drive #305
Clearwater, Florida 33760

Phone: 727-230-1036

Each year an audited statement is submitted to our board of trustees by The CPA Firm of Lambert Kamp, Orland Park, IL.

Contact Rhonda Sullivan at for inquiries.

Inclusion Policy for Christian Leaders Alliance, Christian Leaders Institute, and Christian Leaders College

*While we teach from a Biblical worldview. We do not discriminate opportunity to study or be posted “locally ordained” based on ethnicity, race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, immigration status, economic circumstances, physical and mental abilities, and characteristics, and religious tradition, and ability to donate for the training at the Christian Leaders Institute.

Christian Leaders Church Denomination

The Christian Leaders Church denomination allows Christian single and traditional Christian married individuals to be ordained as ministers. Christian Leaders Church acknowledges other marriage states as locally recognized worldwide, including polygamy and same-sex marriage. Christian Leaders Church holds the position as prescribed based on 1 Timothy 3 and 1 Corinthians 7, where the Apostle Paul rejects polygamy as a marital status for the ordination of ministers, affirming singles or traditionally married as the reproducible leader units.