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Christian Leaders Alliance is a network of ministry trained and locally commended, licensed, or ordained ministers whose purpose is to give competent and credible ministry in local churches and communities everywhere.

Christian Leaders Alliance is an ecuministry organization that serves Alliance members who serve in local denominational, non-denominational, and inter-denominational church or ministry settings. Someone can be ordained or licensed with the Christian Leaders Alliance and still be serving in other ecclesiastical settings that do not affiliate with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The Christian Leaders Alliance is an ecclesiastical organization (denomination and inter-denomination) that oversees a credentialing process for:

  • The training of ministry candidates. The training consists of over 100 college-level ministry courses at the Christian Leaders College and Christian Leaders Institute.
  • The gathering and confirmation of appropriate ministry endorsements by those who know the ministry candidate. These endorsements establish a candidate’s character and readiness to serve in a ministry role.
  • The membership opportunity with the Christian Leaders Alliance. This membership includes ordained ministers from around the world. See Minister Commission page.
  • The recognition and credentials posts by the Christian Leaders Alliance. CLA posts those who have successfully completed the minister credentialing program. These credentialed leaders also have the opportunity to purchase clergy credentials.
  • The commissioning of credentialed ministers who are prayed over to fulfill minister roles.

Thousands of Commended, Licensed, or Ordained ministers now make up the ordination network. See Minister Directory

Registered as a Religious Non-Profit in 2007

The Christian Leaders Alliance is a ministry of Christian Leaders, NFP. Christian Leaders, NFP is a 501 (c) 3 Religious non-profit granted religious exemption in 2007 from the United States Government for worldwide ministry.

There is an IRS determination letter for Christian Leaders Alliance as a ministry of Christian Leaders, NFP. Download Letter IRS CLA LETTER-1

The Christian Leaders Alliance is recognized in all fifty states as a ministry credentialling religious organization.

Credentialed Ministers are allowed to:

Minister in denominational, non-denominational, and Alliance churches or church plants.

Perform official clergy functions such as officiating weddings or funerals.

Develop local ministry practices in the area of chaplaincy or life coaching ministry.

Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Methodology

  1. Study the Bible and Ministry Training
    Christian Leaders Alliance partners with Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders College. CLI and CLC have crafted study programs that include over 100 courses and over 250 credits of college-level ministry training.
  2.  Submit to a Minister Credential Process including Local Endorsements
    After candidates for ministry credentials complete their ministry training classes, they go through a  ministry recognition process where they must gather recommendations from people who know them. Then the candidates are prayed over and commissioned to their minister role.  At the conclusion of this process, they will be given minister/clergy status.
  3. Posted on the Global Ordination Directory 
    After they are given minister status, the newly credentialed minister will be posted in the official Christian Leaders Alliance Directory. Government officials can verify the minister credentials of a Christian Leaders Alliance minister.

Christan Leaders, NFP, was chartered to bring “reproducible” Christianity to the world.  Our charter documents include religious activity such as ordaining leaders and religious educational purposes covering the training of ministers through the Christian Leaders Institute and College.  Download a copy of the Article of Incorporation – illinois0001

Current Christian Leaders, NFP Board of Directors:

  • Dr. James Hunt
  • Brian DeCook, Secretary
  • Ed VanDrunen (Legacy)
  • David Zillig
  • Henry Reyenga, President
  • Roy Lucus
  • Chris Branoff, Vice President
  • Debbie Roesch

Christian Leaders Alliance Global Ministers Commission

The Global Ministers Commission exists to provide these servant-leaders with a connecting point to encourage, inspire, and support current and future Christian Leaders Alliance Commended, Licensed, or Ordained Ministers. See Global Ministers Commission

Organizational Details

Christian Leaders, NFP, operates Christian Leaders College, Christian Leaders Institute, and Christian Leaders Alliance, and has World Headquarters in Spring Lake, Michigan, and Clearwater, Florida. Christian Leaders, NFP is registered in the states of Illinois, Michigan, and Florida.

Michigan Address:

17771 West Spring Lake Rd
Spring Lake, Michigan 49456

Phone: 616-777-0305
Phone Hours: 8:30-15:00  (8:30am-3:00pm)

Florida Address:

7600 Bryan Dairy Rd
Largo, Florida 33777

Phone: 727-230-1036

Each year an audited statement is submitted to our board of trustees by The CPA Firm of Lambert Kamp, Orland Park, IL.

Contact Rhonda Sullivan at for inquiries.

Christian Leaders, NFP Inclusion and Disclosure Policy for Christian Leaders Alliance, Christian Leaders Institute, and Christian Leaders College

*Christian Leaders, NFP, teaches from a Biblical worldview and has a Statement of faith, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions. These documents guide the ministry credential program.

We do not discriminate against the opportunity to study or be posted with ministry credentials based on ethnicity, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, immigration or migration status, economic circumstances, and strata, previous Christian religious tradition, or ability to donate for the free training at the Christian Leaders Institute.

Reporting Moral Failure in Ministers

Credentialed ministers are expected to live godly and moderate lives as reflected in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Any form of illegal abuse – verbal, sexual, or physical – will not be acceptable or tolerated. We ask those who recommend any minister in the program to inform us if there is a moral failing that disqualifies the minister from being considered in good standing.

Please contact us about any charge given against a recognized minister.

17771 West Spring Lake Rd
Spring Lake, Michigan 49456

Phone: 616-777-0305
Phone Hours: 8:30-15:00  (8:30am-3:00pm)