Are you called to ministry? Are you looking for a minister credentialing program to help you be more effective in ministry? Christian Leaders Alliance grants minister credentials to those called to serve. Five minister programs fit volunteer, part-time, and full-time ministers. Each program has different core requirements.

After you complete the core requirements, you are welcome to specialize in specific topics depending on your calling.

The Christian Leaders Alliance has five minister programs that include:

  • Tuition-Free Ministry Training – The tuition-free ministry training courses consist of mini-courses,  skill courses, and academic courses.
  • Local Endorsements – Each minister program requires a local endorsement component that helps confirm ministry fitness.
  • Membership in the Christian Leaders Alliance – The Christian Leaders Alliance credentials thousands of ministers and is guided by the Christian Leaders Alliance Commission,
  • Inclusion in the International Minister Directory – The minister program and any specialization are publically recognized.
  • Official Minister Documents – When you complete your selected minister credential program, you can order credential packages that recognize your minister credentialing journey.

Minister Credential Programs

The Christian Leaders Alliance features five core programs depending on your calling to ministry. In addition, each minister classification has a different program of study.

Christian Officiant – The Officiant program is first at Christian Leaders Alliance. The core credential for the program is the Christian Wedding Officiant. One study course and one recommendation are needed for this credential. This program is both a core and a specialization role in itself. It is considered an entry minister credential into the Christian Leaders Alliance. Many who receive these credentials continue with further studies.

This credential allows you to confidently and legally officiate weddings throughout the United States and many places worldwide.

Commended Ministers – The Commended Minister program has been traditionally thought of as a lay minister category training. This program incorporates primarily mini-courses that take less time to complete. After you complete this core minister program, you are invited to study any specialization.

Coaching Ministers -The Life Coach Minister credentials are designed for those who seek to practice coaching as credentialed ministers. You need to submit two local endorsements for this ministry program. Coaching ministry or life coach ministering is perfect for those who have a coaching practice or serve in a church as coaching ministers. After you complete this core minister program, you are invited to study any specialization.

Licensed Ministers – The Licensed Minister program is designed for those who are primarily volunteering or part-time ministers. These ministers often have another means for their primary support. You will need two local endorsements for this minister program. After you complete this core minister program, you can study any specialization.

Ordained Ministers – The Ordained Minister program is designed for those interested in deepening their ministry preparedness. This program is more suited to those seeking full-time minister positions. There are three recommendations required in all ordination programs. After you complete this core minister program, you are invited to study any specialization.

What are the requirements for each minister role? Click here to find out more. 

Over 30 Specializations.  Click here to check them out. 

How Do I sign up?

Step one – Enroll for a tuition-free study account at the Christian Leaders Institute. Fill out the form to establish your study account.

Step Two – Complete the Getting Started Course. This course takes less than one hour and launches you into your minister program.

Step Three – Enroll in other courses and begin your minister preparation journey.

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