Are you called to ministry? Are you looking for a minister credentialing program to help you be more effective in ministry? Christian Leaders Alliance grants minister credentials to those called to serve. There are three levels of training and minister credentialing to fit volunteer, part-time, and full-time minister roles. Each role has different course requirements.

After you complete the the requirements, you are welcome to specialize in specific topics depending on your calling. There are currently over 30 specializations.

Features of the Christian Leaders Alliance Program

  • Tuition-Free Ministry Training – The tuition-free ministry training courses consist of mini-courses,  skill courses, and academic courses. These courses are made possible through the Christian Leaders Institute. 
  • Local Endorsements – Each minister program requires a local endorsement component that helps confirm ministry fitness. This gives your credential more credibility.
  • Membership in the Christian Leaders Alliance – The Christian Leaders Alliance credentials thousands of ministers and is guided by the Christian Leaders Alliance Commission,
  • Inclusion in the International Minister Directory – The minister program and any specialization are publically recognized. See Directory.
  • Official Minister Documents – When you complete your selected minister credential role, you can order credential packages that recognize your minister credentialing journey.
  • Soul Center Registration – Any completed minister role is eligible to register a soul center. Soul Centers are local geographic ministry locations. There are six types of soul centers. They are Fellowship, Wedding Officiant, Ministry Practice, Church, Ministry, and Mentor Centers.

Minister Credential Program

The Levels of Training and Credentialing at Christian Leaders Alliance

Diakonos Level (core roles) Minister Training and Credentialing Program

Diakonos level minister training and credentialing are for those called to ministry who want to serve their local churches and communities.

The Diakonos level of training and credentialing is inspired by the Greek word, διάκονος {dee-ak’-on-os}, which means deacon, minister, and servant.

The Diakonos program includes six roles:

Presbuteros Level Minister Training and Credentialing Program

Presbuteros level minister training and credentialing are for those ministers who are advancing in their experience in ministry and in their training.

The Presbuteros level of training is inspired by the Greek word, πρεσβύτερος {pres-boo’-ter-os}, which means an elder or a maturing one.

Five additional minister roles are available for those seeking more training and minister credentials. These roles are:

  • Evangelist
  • Professional Coaching Minister
  • Pastor/Shepherd/Priest
  • Bi-vocational Pastor/Shepherd/Priest
  • Ordained Ministry Chaplain

The Presbuteros level of training is ideal for those seeking part-time or full-time ministry positions. This role is suited for planting a church or house church, registering a soul center, and much more.

Episcopos Level Minister Training and Credentialing Program

Episcopos level minister training and credentialing are for those ministers called to multiply Christianity at advancing levels. These minister roles match the bishops of the early church. These early bishops continued the work of the disciples and the first apostles. These bishops spread Christianity with great tenacity. Many died as martyrs.

The Episcopos level is inspired by the Greek word, ἐπίσκοπος {ep-is’-kop-os}, which means episcopate, supervisor, or bishop.

The Episcopos program includes four advanced roles, including:

  • Commissioned Minister
  • Apostle/Missionary
  • Kingdom Chaplain
  • Minister of the Word.

Ministers at this level are often serving in full-time minister positions.


There are over thirty specializations that can be paired with all ministry roles. More on that later. Click here.


If God is calling you to become a volunteer, part-time, or full-time minister, please continue reading and seeking the Lord.

Christian Leaders Alliance will train and credential you in core minister roles that include Diakonos, Presbuteros, and Episcopos roles with over 30 specializations that meet more and more ministry needs.

General and specialized ministry needs exist in every community. As churches identify needs in the community, Christian Leaders Alliance will serve those churches to train and credential ministers to meet the needs and increase the impact of that local church.

Many of these specialized ministers will become movement leaders (bishop types). These movement leaders will recruit new ministers, many of whom come into ministry as volunteers or part-time ministers in a specialization.

Christian Leaders Alliance offers a “Minister Mobilization Process” to help find ways to mobilize more ministers in local communities.

Start Your Ministry Training and Credential Program. Click Here

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