Christian Leaders Alliance is Actively Recruiting Christians to be Trained and Ordained for Ministry!

Are you a Christian called into ministry? Do you need a ministry community where you can discern your calling? Do you want to gain confidence in your calling by being connected to free college-level ministry training courses? Do you want to be connected to a growing alliance of ordained Christian leaders? Do you want to be part of a Ordained life coach minister program?

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) may fit your situation. Christian Leaders Alliance is an ecclesiastical organization of ministers started by  Christian Leaders Ministries.  CLA is called to  encourage and mobilize ordained Christian leaders to:

  1. Walk with God
  2. Grow in a reproducible walk to share with others.
  3. Band together to expand the Kingdom of God

Christian Leaders Alliance Support Network

How does Christian Leaders Alliance support its members?

Connection to a global ministry movement

Connection to other ministry leaders

Access to Christian Leaders Alliance Resources

Report Abuse

If you know of someone in the Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Directory who is no longer living a life in accord with an ordained minister, please contact

Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Stories

Officiant Minister

Officiant Minister

Officiant Minister Prior to finding Christian Leaders Institute, I had searched and found many traditional and online Bible training institutions. The biggest challenge was cost as most averaged out at $10,000 and three to four years of training.…
Abused Women Ministry

Abused Women Ministry

Abused Women Ministry My name is Dawn Marie Wilson and I am called to abused women ministry. I am 49 years old. I am a mother of three adult boys. I live in New Jersey. I am very happily married. Family means the world to me. I am also an Instructor…
Ordained Minister Goal

Ordained Minister Goal

Ordained Minister Goal My name is Wes Cummins and I am excited to be achieving my ordained minister goal with Christian Leaders Alliance. I am the senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Weatherford, Texas. After working many years as a Texas…
Ministry Deacon Ordination

Ministry Deacon Ordination

Ministry Deacon Ordination My name is Arletia Mayfield. I was introduced to Christian Leaders Institute through a local mentoring program in Atlanta, Georgia. I was very excited to receive a scholarship to attend this Bible College. After…
Ordained Chaplain Minister

Ordained Chaplain Minister

Ordained Chaplain Minister My name is Kenny Sallee. I am seeking to become an ordained chaplain minister. I'm known in the area where I live as Cap'n Kenny. My ancestral families are Native American (Cherokee) and European Immigrants (Swedish,…

Ordained Minister Dream

Ordained Minister Dream My name is Fikre Fikadu Fufa. I have an ordained minister dream for my life. I live in East Africa, Ethiopia. I was born in a partially Christian family. I grew up in church hearing the word of God through Sunday school…
Free Studies for Ordination

A Lost Sheep Returned Home

Free Studies for Ordination My name is Vincent Aaland. I’m currently living in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. My early life was not spent in a church but was deeply spiritual and filled with deep introspection. A constant lone wolf, I learned…
Ordained to Serve

Ordained to Serve!

Ordained to Serve My name is Aimee Blythe. I am a 33-year-old wife to an incredible husband and mother to an amazing son. I have a full-time career as a pharmacy buyer at a local Catholic hospital. I have a Diploma in organizational leadership…

Michael Massey - A Deacon Minister

My name is Michael Massey, and I live in Scotia New York. I was raised in a typical Italian Roman Catholic household, the oldest of 3 and the only boy. Most of my religious instruction came from catechism lessons from the first communion to…

The Christian Leaders Alliance

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) is connected to the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). The Institute does the training, the Christian Leaders Alliance guides the ordaining in a local process with local church leaders. Internet scams make your ordination a transaction. Christian Leaders Alliance connects you with an ecuministry ordination.

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) is blurring the line between clergy and laity. CLA is passionate that local revival leaders are identified, trained with high-quality classes, and mobilized in their local communities. You do not move away from your center of influence, but stay where you are to champion more gospel impact!

CLA goes back to how the early church mobilized local leaders.

Sign up now to begin your generosity-driven ministry training. Then, you can study all the classes free after you finish the introductory class. Then you only need to take one more class and you can apply for CLA recognized ordination that is connected to local Christian leaders.

Click Here to read more about the ordination study process at Christian Leaders Institute.

History of the Ordained Minister in the Early Church

The line between clergy and laity was blurry in the first two centuries of the church. In the 300s, around the time of Roman Emperor Constantine, churches stopped identifying local leaders out of their congregations. Instead, they began “calling” them from other places. Eventually, the church hierarchy placed the clergy.

The grassroots way was lost.

At the time of the early church, local churches planted leaders everywhere by generously ordaining deacon ministers. The deacons were the ministers. In fact, the word “minister” is the Latin translation of the Greek word “deacon.” These “deacon ministers,” men and women, were heroes of faith. Few were ever paid. Many died as martyrs.

Christian Leaders Institute is exponentially training and mobilizing Christian leaders through online training. The Christian Leaders Alliance is recognizing these local “deacon ministers! A locally ordained minister is ordained as a partnership between CLI-CLA and local mentors, pastors, and leaders.

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