Christian Leaders Alliance is Actively Recruiting Christians to be Trained and Ordained for Ministry!

Are you a Christian called into ministry? Do you need a ministry community where you can discern your calling? Do you want to gain confidence in your calling by being connected to free college-level ministry training courses? Do you want to be connected to a growing alliance of ordained Christian leaders? Do you want to be part of a Ordained life coach minister program?

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) may fit your situation. Christian Leaders Alliance is an ecclesiastical organization of ministers started by  Christian Leaders Ministries.  CLA is called to  encourage and mobilize ordained Christian leaders to:

  1. Walk with God
  2. Grow in a reproducible walk to share with others.
  3. Band together to expand the Kingdom of God

Christian Leaders Alliance Support Network

How does Christian Leaders Alliance support its members?

Connection to a global ministry movement

Connection to other ministry leaders

Access to Christian Leaders Alliance Resources

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If you know of someone in the Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Directory who is no longer living a life in accord with an ordained minister, please contact

Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Stories

Ordination Calling Path

Ordination Calling Path

Ordination Calling Path My name is Mark W. Mathis, and I am on an ordination calling path from God. My wife, Debra, and I live in Lindale, Texas, in the United States of America. I am the middle child of three, raised in a Christian family…
Ordained Deacon Ambassador

Ordained Deacon Ambassador

Ordained Deacon Ambassador My name is Mitchel DeYoung, and I am an ordained deacon ambassador for Christ. Like many here at Christian Leaders Institute, I've traveled rough roads before I repented and followed Jesus Christ. I grew up in…
Ordained Ministry Goal

Ordained Ministry Goal

Read Karen's story about how God has brought her through trials to realize her calling and to set her ordained ministry goal and dream. Ordained Ministry Goal My name is Karen Seddon. I live in Moulton, Iowa in the United States of America.…
Ordination Pastorship Path

Ordination Pastorship Path

Ordination Pastorship Path Hi, my name's Bryan, and this is my ordination pastorship path. I'm 52 years old and live in Virginia with my wife and three children. For some time, I have been interested in getting ordained and running my own church…
Minister Ordination Opportunity

Minister Ordination Opportunity

I am Israel Kojo Aglanu, and I am grateful for this minister ordination opportunity. Originally, I am from Akatsi, Volta Region, Ghana. Currently, I reside in Nigeria. I am a teacher, preacher, and international evangelist. I am married to my…
Deacon Ordination

Deacon Ordination Journey

Deacon Ordination Journey My name is Christian Thompsen, and here is my deacon ordination story. I live in a small town in West Michigan called Holton. I was born and raised in Fremont, Michigan. For a short time, I also lived in Savannah,…
Restored Life Minister Dream

Restored Life Minister Dream

Restored Life Minister Dream: Remember the Prisoners My name is Amanda Budro, and I have a Restored Life Minister dream. I was raised in Huntsville, Texas a small town of 35,000. One thing that is not small is the number of prisons in this…
Credible ordination opportunity

Credible Ordination Opportunity

Credible Ordination Opportunity My name is Lynne Glaros, and I am grateful for this credible ordination opportunity with Christian Leaders Alliance. I am semi-retired. I have three grown children and a grandson. Currently, I live in Wilmington,…
Youth Leader Ordination

Youth Leader Ordination

Youth Leader Ordination My name is Kenneth Dunlap, but I go by Kad to all who know me. Currently, I live in Lugoff, South Carolina in the United States of America. I am the Youth Leader at my local church. Therefore, this deacon minister youth…

The Christian Leaders Alliance

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) is connected to the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). The Institute does the training, the Christian Leaders Alliance guides the ordaining in a local process with local church leaders. Internet scams make your ordination a transaction. Christian Leaders Alliance connects you with an ecuministry ordination.

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) is blurring the line between clergy and laity. CLA is passionate that local revival leaders are identified, trained with high-quality classes, and mobilized in their local communities. You do not move away from your center of influence, but stay where you are to champion more gospel impact!

CLA goes back to how the early church mobilized local leaders.

Sign up now to begin your generosity-driven ministry training. Then, you can study all the classes free after you finish the introductory class. Then you only need to take one more class and you can apply for CLA recognized ordination that is connected to local Christian leaders.

Click Here to read more about the ordination study process at Christian Leaders Institute.

History of the Ordained Minister in the Early Church

The line between clergy and laity was blurry in the first two centuries of the church. In the 300s, around the time of Roman Emperor Constantine, churches stopped identifying local leaders out of their congregations. Instead, they began “calling” them from other places. Eventually, the church hierarchy placed the clergy.

The grassroots way was lost.

At the time of the early church, local churches planted leaders everywhere by generously ordaining deacon ministers. The deacons were the ministers. In fact, the word “minister” is the Latin translation of the Greek word “deacon.” These “deacon ministers,” men and women, were heroes of faith. Few were ever paid. Many died as martyrs.

Christian Leaders Institute is exponentially training and mobilizing Christian leaders through online training. The Christian Leaders Alliance is recognizing these local “deacon ministers! A locally ordained minister is ordained as a partnership between CLI-CLA and local mentors, pastors, and leaders.

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