Get Ordained in 30 Days

Is it possible to get ordained in 30 days? Yes, if you are called to ordained ministry. Yes, if you are willing to study ministry training at an accelerated rate. Yes, if your local faith community will confirm your ministry experience and integrity as a Christian Leader.

If this is true for you, do you want to be involved with an ordination process that gives you confidence and credibility? Do you have limited time to go through an ordination process? Do you have limited financial resources for a long ordination process? Christian Leaders Alliance offers you a plan to get ordained in 30 days starting today.

This is not a transactional ordination or an ordination scam. You do not need to send money for classes and going through the ordination process. In fact, all the ministry training classes and the ordination process is free. If you go through the process, your ordination will be listed on the Global directory free of charge.

The Get Ordained in 30 Days Plan

Week One: Enroll in the Orientation Class and the Christian Connection Class (10-15 Hours)

Pray for discernment. Ask God for the green light to go through this process.

You will begin with an orientation class that can be finished in less than two hours. The orientation class teaches you how to navigate this online learning experience.

Next, you will take will be the Christian Leaders Connection Class. Many people have completed this class in less than 10 hours of study. This class will help you more fully discern your calling into ministry.

Week Two: Enroll in the Christian Basics Class  (3-20 Hours)

Pray for motivation to keep going. You might face spiritual warfare to distract you from your goal.

This class should take 3-20 hours to complete. The primary objective for week two is to complete the Christian Basics Class.  The Christian Basics course covers the essentials of Christian Doctrines.  This class will take about 20 hours to complete. However, If you have previous Christian knowledge, you may be able to test out of this class. Then the class will only take 3 hours to complete.

Week Three: Enroll in the Deacon Minister Ordination Class (15 hours)

After the Christian Basics class, you take The Deacon Minister Ordination class next.  This class lays the foundation for all the minister ordinations at Christian Leaders Institute. This class will take you 15-20 hours.

Pray for persistence to complete the process.

Class Outcomes:

  • You will learn the essential nature of ordination that applies to all minister ordinations through Christian Leaders Alliance.
  • You will explore whether you are ready to hold the office of Minister in the order of a Deacon. Your ordination may be upgraded to the order of elder by your local ministry.
  • You will learn the skills necessary for all ordained ministers. You will be trained in how to do baptisms and to conduct the Lord’s Supper. As an ordained deacon, you are ordained to officiate these two functions in the Christian Leaders Alliance. If you plant a house church, for instance, you are ordained to do these two sacraments.
  • You will get your three endorsements that testify that you are one who walks with God, is called to ministry, and is ready to be ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance.
  • You will establish your ordination credential profile and write and submit your ordination ministry story.
  • You will be officially listed as ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory.
  • You will be guided through a prayer process where you will be ordained locally or by a Christian Leaders Alliance representative.
  • You may want to purchase physical credentials. However, these are not required for you to be listed as ordained in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory.

Begin looking for Recommenders.

One of the activities of the Deacon Minister Ordination Class is asking for three endorsements. Begin looking for Christians in your life who know you and would be willing to recommend you. You will need three recommendations.

In preparation for ordination as a credentialed deacon minister, you will contact your three Christian endorsers (these endorsers may also be the ones that will pray for God’s blessing at your ordination event) and ask them:

“Why do you think my walk, temperament, character, and calling show that I am called to be a ministry leader?”

You will copy and paste their response in the assignment area in that class.

The three recommendations must come from the following:

  • One from a ministry leader or a Mentor Minister
  • One from your spouse or a friend, if you are unmarried
  • One from a non-family member that knows you and respects you

This assignment is a required activity to receive your ordination credential and your ordination as a minister.

Week Four: Finalize the Process and Get Ordained (10 hours)

Pray that the Holy Spirit empowers you for ministry.

Submit your three recommendations

The three recommendations will give you great confidence for ministry. Some say this is one of the most confirming activities in the whole ordination process. In the class, there is an assignment that you will complete where you copy and paste your recommendation. When that assignment is graded, you are finished with the Deacon Minister Ordination Class, and you will be listed on the global ordination directory. All of this is free of charge.

Schedule Your Ordination Commissioning

The last activity is the ordination commissioning prayer. This prayer can take place at a house church gathering, a church service, or an office. Christian Leaders Alliance mentors or leaders many offer a prayer for you through google hangout.

Praise the Lord!  After you complete this ordination process, you will be ordained as a minister. After this deacon minister ordination, you may want to specialize in a ministry role. Christian Leaders Institute offers a large number of ministry classes in various specialties. Check out the different ministry roles.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.