About Christian Leaders Alliance

Christian Leaders Alliance is the ecclesiastical relationships and credentialing center of Christian Leaders. “Christian Leaders, NFP” is a 501 c 3 started on September 20, 2001, and officially registered in 2007.  Christian Leaders, NFP oversees this site and two others.

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Christian Leaders Institute – Christian Leaders Institute provides scholarship-driven free minister training. Christian Leaders Institute is a partner with Christian Leaders Alliance in providing ministry training classes and ordination classes that serve the mission of the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Christian Leaders Churches – Christian Leaders Churches is a resource for Christian leaders, house churches, and churches that need content for ministry.

The History

Rev. Henry Reyenga was in Manhattan, NY on September 11, 2001. After experiencing the 911 events, Reyenga co-founded Christian Leaders on September 20, 2001, with Rich DeVos Sr and Ron Parr.

In 2006, Christian Leaders added the Christian Leaders Institute. In 2014, Christian Leaders added the Christian Leaders Alliance to be the ecclesiastical and credentialing division of Christian Leaders.  In 2017, the decision was made to increase the scope of Christian Leaders Alliance by making this website and appointing a leadership team.

The Leadership Team

The Christian Leaders Alliance is headed up by Rev. Brian DeCook and Rev. Henry Reyenga.

Brian DeCook is the president of Peacefire. Peacefire was founding by DeCook in 2009. The goal is to sow peace in all relationships. DeCook also serves on the Board of Christian Leaders.

Rev. Henry Reyenga is the president of Christian Leaders Institute. He has served as a church planter and pastor for over 30 years. Reyenga serves on the Board of Christian Leaders.

The Purpose of this Website

The Christian Leaders Alliance website purpose:

  1. This website will host the international organization directory of Alliance members.
  2. This website will provide blogs, news, reviews and resources concerning minister ordination.
  3. This website will serve the ordained members of the Christian Leaders Alliance with special resources and information.

Email Rhonda Sullivan if you want to directly contact the Christian Leaders Alliance at rsullivan@christianleaders.net