How to Become a Licensed Romance Officiant: Training for God-Honoring Relationships

The Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers a Romance Officiant course aimed at helping those interested in guiding and supporting Christian relationships. This course is a good fit for anyone looking to learn more about Christian dating and courtship, parents wanting to help their kids navigate relationships, or ministry leaders looking to offer services related to romance officiation. It’s designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for this kind of work

Who Should Consider Becoming a Licensed Romance Officiant?

The course is an excellent fit for a diverse audience, including:

  • Individuals curious about Christian dating and courtship
  • Christian parents and grandparents aiming to support their families
  • Existing Licensed Wedding Officiants seeking to broaden their ministry
  • Pastors, Marriage Ministers, Youth Ministers, and Chaplains looking to offer comprehensive support to Christian individuals and couples
  • Coaching Ministers focused who connect to people interested in looking for love and Christian monogamy.
  • Informal matchmakers aim to assist singles in preparing for a Christian marriage. This is not a ‘do it for you’ approach to matchmaking. Instead, a Romance Officiant will truly get to know a client, creating opportunities for genuine connections.

What You Will Learn

The Romance Officiant course at CLI goes beyond traditional wedding officiation, offering a holistic approach to relationships. Here are the key learning outcomes:

  • Theological Foundations and Ministry Science: Participants will gain deep insights into God’s design for relationships, equipped with both theological understanding and ministry science principles.
  • Effective Communication Strategies: Learn to navigate and address the complexities of modern relationships through effective communication, fostering healthy, God-centered connections.
  • Addressing Sexual Intimacy: The course provides guidance on discussing sexual intimacy within the context of Christian dating, ensuring that relationships are built on a foundation of mutual respect and understanding.
  • Supporting Through Stages: From the initial stages of romance to engagement and betrothal, participants will learn to guide individuals and couples, ensuring their relationship is built on a solid, spiritual foundation.

Steps to become a Romance Officiant

The Christian Leaders Alliance offers the first clergy status program for Christians who feel called to serve as officiants in their communities.

Step One: Discern Your Calling

Identify your interest or calling to become a romance officiant. Are you drawn to helping people find Christian romance? Do you feel empathy for the pain of loneliness? Are you called to make a difference in the lives of Christian singles looking for a lifelong marriage partner? This first step is about understanding your calling.

Step Two: Begin Your Ministry Training

Start your free ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute. The Romance Officiant program begins with completing the free Wedding Officiant Skills (1CDS Credit). This foundational course is a prerequisite for all officiant tracks, including the Romance Officiant.  It requires less than 10 hours of study to complete. You are allowed to take the Romance Officiant Skills course immediately  (Romance Officiant Skill Course ( 2 CDS Credits)) if you would like, but you must complete the Wedding Officiant course to process to step three. We suggest you begin with the Wedding Officiant Skill Course. Wedding Officiant Skills (1CDS Credit)

Step Three: Enroll in the Recognition Course

After completing the Wedding Officiant Skills course, enroll in the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Recognition Course. You’ll need to finalize your minister profile and submit one recommendation. Once your recommendation is verified, you’ll become a clergy member of the Christian Leaders Alliance and be listed in the Clergy Minister Directory.

Step Four: Complete the Romance Officiant Skill Course. 

Enroll and Complete in the Romance Officiant Course: Enroll in the Romance Officiant Skill Course. Romance Officiant Skill Course ( 2 CDS Credits)

Step Five: Recognition as A Licensed Romance Officiant

After completing your Wedding Officiant Skills course and being recognized as a wedding officiant by the Christian Leaders Alliance, all you need to do is enroll in and complete the Romance Officiant Skills course. Upon completion, you will be awarded the Licensed Romance Officiant clergy status. You are welcome to order your credentials. You may order your Clergy ministry credentials.

Check out the Ministry Officiant Skills Course:  Ministry Officiant Skills (2 CDS Credits)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I officiate weddings in all states after completing the Wedding Officiant program?

Yes. Click here to see the state requirements. This program fulfills all state requirements in the United States.

How is the officiant program different from other Christian Leaders Alliance training?

The Officiant program from the Christian Leaders Alliance is designed for Christian leaders who want to help their communities without needing a lot of theological or pastoral training. This program teaches the basics needed to lead ceremonies. It’s great for volunteers or leaders who want to focus on this specific area. It’s shorter and more focused than full ministry training but still teaches important Christian values and practices.

.Can I specialize in more than one officiant role? If so, how?

Yes, after you finish the Wedding Officiant program, you’re invited to learn more about other officiation areas. Finishing this program is your first step to becoming an officially recognized officiant with the Christian Leaders Alliance. This opens the door for you to learn more and do more in officiating, helping you serve the community in different ways.

Can I start a Soul Center as a Officiant with the Christian Leaders Alliance?

Yes. All credentials officiants or ministers can start a soul center. Click here to find out more about the soul centers.

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