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Hometown Calling

Hometown Calling Ordination

Hometown Calling Greetings! Stand firm in the love of Our Father through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Walk in the Spirit, who unites us as brothers and sisters throughout the world. My name is Mary Whitlow.  I grew up in and now have…
Ordained Deacon Opportunity

Ordained Deacon Opportunity

Ordained Deacon Opportunity My name is Sherry Marshall, and I am thankful for this ordained deacon opportunity I was born in 1976 to two loving parents. I am the youngest of three children. I married a wonderful man, Todd Marshall. Together…
Approved minister Ordination

Approved Minister Ordination

Approved Minister Ordination My name is Dexter D. J. Cartwright, and I am excited to receive my approved minister ordination. I am the last of five children born to Cleveland and Etoile Cartwright. While in my mother's womb, it was prophesied…