Great Time to Be a Minister

by Henry Reyenga

It has always been a great time to be a minister. Is that true? Some would say. Maybe not.

For one:

Church attendance has dramatically declined in America. According to Gallup Polls

  • In 2020, 47% of U.S. adults belonged to a church, synagogue, or mosque.
  • Down more than 20 points from the turn of the century.
  • Change is primarily due to the rise in Americans with no religious preference.

And what about church scandals?

The Wall Street Journal published this article on December 31, 2021: After Two Decades, Abuse Crisis Has Humbled the Catholic Church.

And don’t forget the pandemic killed church attendance for many.

The Institute for Family Studies wrote on January 20, 2022, about The Decline in Church Attendance in COVID America.

According to data collected in April/May 2020 by Barna Group, one-in-three practicing Christians dropped out of church completely during COVID-19.

So is this a great time to be a minister?

YES! YES! And yes!

This is a great time to be a minister!

Trust in science is declining!

Many are wondering if science can deliver the utopia it has been promising. Even science promoting organizations are now writing articles about how to regain the public’s trust for science. Here is one example from Weforum.orgCOVID-19 has damaged public trust in science. Here’s how to repair it.

The fact is: Faith in science will not solve our biggest problems. I don’t see science competing with answering the big and most important questions that 100% of people need answers for:

Why am I here?

Why am I so depressed, and science has not found a drug to help me?

With all the advances in technology sciences, such as social media, why am I still lonely? Will the coming of Meta change all that?

What happens to me when I die?


The Bible raises, answers, and solves the big questions. God is connected to this world and very connected to you and me. Science studies how things work and how things will work. Science can not introduce you and me to a living and loving personal God, Savior, and Lord.

Bible Tells the Story

The Bible tells the story of God’s creation (Genesis 1-2), humanity’s fall (Genesis 3), and God’s redemption through Christ (Book of John). In addition, Jesus taught us how to love and forgive and be connected to others.

God addressed our sin and wickedness and made us right with God again. He is our comfort and our friend. We are invited to pray to God, and God answers our prayers. Jesus taught us how to pray. He brings us healing and hope for the future. In Christ, we have overcome death. Even our bodies are precious to God. Jesus rose from the dead to someday get a body like Jesus. We find out how to live connected to Jesus even today. There are 13 books from the Apostle Paul who show us such things as the fruits of the Spirit.

All of this is good news! I want to study hope!

I want to study Ministry Sciences more than natural or social sciences!


The message of the Good News is better than the messages and promises of science. Let me be clear. I am not against the study of creation and discovering breakthroughs that improve our lives. But belief in “science” will not save people into the life they were meant to live both now and forever. Only God can bring that to people.

And his ministers are called to share this message and lifestyle. Ministers are needed because hope is rising!

People are looking to God! People are looking for hope.

The Christian Leaders Alliance is actively recruiting more ministers to be the messengers of the Good News.

Christian Leaders Alliance offers minister credential programs, including commending (lay), licensing, and ordination roles. In addition, these programs include tuition-free ministry training courses and ministry courses.

Christian Leaders Alliance programs are welcoming and friendly to bi-vocational or volunteer ministers. A bi-vocational or volunteer minister can now receive the same type of training that only the paid ministers in the past received.

These programs are designed not only for those ministering in their local churches called church ministers but also for those ministering in many circles of relationship called kingdom ministers.

All over the globe, ministers are being called and coming forward. Christian Leaders Alliance is connected to Christian Leaders Institute where you receive free ministry training paid for by Vision Partners. The various minister credential programs have different study requirements depending on the role God is calling a minister to do. Each minister’s role requires that the candidate supply appropriate recommendations.

This is a great time to be a minister and maybe you are called to join us in sharing the Good News!


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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.