The Network Minister Council

The Network Minister Council oversees the leadership development of the Christian Leaders Alliance (Denomination). The Network Minister Council  is the spiritual covering for the Christian Leaders Alliance and Church Ordained leaders.

This council is chaired by Network Minister Henry Reyenga.  In serving the church throughout the world, the council honors the diversity of opinions on women in office. We participate in the ordaining of men and women as Deacon Ministers and Elder Ministers who are invited to function in many roles.

This council is the oversight council for all the ordinations at the Christian Leaders Alliance and Christian Leaders Church. We understand that many who are ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance also have their local or denominational oversight for local ministry. This is a global alliance for the mission of the church and the raising up of Christian Leaders.

The Christian Leaders Church oversight is more in-depth.

Henry Reyenga – Network Minister

Henry Reyenga is the co-founder and president of  Christian Leaders Ministries Christian Leaders Institute.

Henry is married to Pamela and they have five children and over 13 grandchildren. Henry was ordained as a Minister of the Word in the Christian Reformed denomination in 1988. He has planted four churches. He was ordained as a minister of the Word in the Christian Leaders Alliance in 2001.

You can contact Henry at

Irwin Noriega  – Network Minister

Irwin married Dr. Rhonda in 2007. Both are from the Philippines and have been walking with the Lord for most of their lives. Since 2010, the Noriega’s have lived in Singapore.

In 2013, God called Irwin to the ministry. Pastor Irwin shares his calling here.

Irwin now serves as a pastor in Singapore and Dr. Rhonda is a medical doctor. In 2014, Pastor Irwin and his wife started “Testimony Ministry.”

In 2017, Irwin was ordained in Spring Lake, Michigan as an ordained Deacon Minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The Noriegas have two children.

Their goal is to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all by sharing their testimony. These two ordinary people testify their experiences about the grace and wonders of an extraordinary God by means of social media and broadcasting. Check out their page on Facebook. Click here

Steve Elzinga – Network Minister

Steve is married to Marie and they have four children. Steve brings to the Council a passion for revival. His creative and innovative spirit is highly prized.

Steve Elzinga has taught classes at Christian Leaders Institute. He was ordained as a minister of the Word in the Christian Reformed denomination in 1980. He has planted churches and now leads a congregation in Byron Center, Michigan. From 1998-2006, Steve served as the North American director for the Bible League.

He is ordained as a minister of the Word with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Brian DeCook – Network Minister

Brian DeCook, JD, is an attorney and Executive Director of which seeks to apply Biblical principles to conflict resolution. He is a commissioned ministry with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

He and his wife Andrea have four children.

Brian DeCook also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Christian Leaders Ministries. He has served on the board of directors of Christian Leaders Institute for over a decade.