Christian Leaders Alliance Global Teams

Christian Leaders Alliance and Christian Leaders Institute are expanding all over the world. We are planning to develop a Christian Leaders Alliance Regional and/or National Councils in countries where God has raised up Christian Leaders Alliance ordained leaders.

These councils will be made up of ordained leaders of the Christian Leaders Alliance. Each council will include ministers of the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The function of the council is to establish the work of Christian Leaders Alliance and Christian Leaders Institute in locations all over the world. Council membership is a voluntary position at this time.

Meetings: National or Regional Council members will covenant to meet at least once a year.

The work:

  1. Discuss the work and challenges of spreading Christianity in council’s region or nation.
  2. Advise and inform Christian Leaders Institute for more effective ministry training.
  3. Become the official national or regional organization for the Christian Leaders Alliance.  If local regions or nations need government registration for ordination, these councils will be constituted to carry out that work.
  4. As opportunity arises, these councils help organize Christian Leaders Alliance events or conventions.
  5. When the opportunity arises, council members may preside over the ordination of a new minister.
  6. Recruit new Christian leaders for training and ordaining.
  7. Electing a team leaders when that function is needed and with the appoval of the global council.


Christian Leaders Institute is recruiting Christian Leaders Alliance regional or national council members who have the following qualifications:

  1. Christian leaders who are qualified as set forth in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 2.
  2. Christian leaders who show life competence, peacemaking, and people maturity.
  3. Christian leaders who see the value of volunteer ministry leaders who are willing to be bi-vocational.
  4. Christian leaders who have the support of their family.
  5. Ordinarily, a member will first voluntter as a mentor minister.
  6. Christian leaders who are willing to promote the cause of Christian Leaders Alliance.
  7. Christian leaders who are willing to host local CLI graduation and ordination events in their area.
    1. Ordinations through the Christian Leaders Alliance are for those leaders, single or married, in the historic Christian worldview of one man and one woman marriage.1 Timothy 3:2 “Now the overseer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife…” 1 Timothy 3:12A deacon must be the husband of but one wife and must manage his children and his household well.” The worldview interpretation from these passages was that polygamy was not a conforming marriage state for an ordained leader. We will appoint council leaders who believe in that worldview and live it out. In Africa, for instance, we will not appoint a locally ordained Christian leader who is polygamous. While a locally ordained leader may appoint a polygamous or a same-sex marriage leader to an ordination position, we will not appoint a council member who is not in a 1 Timothy 3 understanding of the Christian leader’s marriage doctrine and life. Note: We do not deny access at CLI for study to anyone who follows the Christian Leaders Institute terms and conditions and guidelines for study or local ordination, and we do not manage who a local church or ministry may choose to ordain.
  8. Christian leaders who have a desire to have a relationship with local CLI students or ordained CLA leaders. These leaders are encouraged to host gatherings.
  9. Christian leaders who are team players with the global Apostolic Bishop Council.
  10. Christian leaders who promote Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance even as they are developing local Christian leaders.
  11. Christian leaders who are Vision Partners or are planning to be Vision Partners, who model to others this generosity-driven ministry.
  12. Christian leaders who maintain an updated profile with an updated, quality photo. Leaders may include the website of their church or ministry in their profile.
  13. Christian leaders who are willing to attend Revival and Renewal Conferences in their nation if they are offered.
  14. Christian leaders who have a desire to reach all races and economic situations with the gospel.