Ordained Members in Good Standing

The ordaining of leaders to offices has been happening since Jesus founded the church. After Jesus ascended on high, the disciples needed to replace one of the twelve Disciples who had left the path, namely Judas. The eleven were disciples “in good standing.”

Christian Leaders Alliance accepts new members based on their training and the recommendations of local ministry leaders that attest to their life, doctrine, and ministry. When ordained they become members “in good standing” of the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The four pledges of a member “in good standing” are …

  1. Doctrine: A member in good standing holds to and teaches the historic Christian faith.
  2. Christian life: A member in good standing, though not perfect, seeks to live a life empowered by the Holy Spirit in his or her personal life, marriage, and family.
  3. Ministry reputation: A member in good standing has a ministry reputation that reflects humility, integrity, and Christlike love.
  4.  Alliance reputation: A member in good standing has a reputation that reflects humility, integrity, and a Christlike love in his or her interaction in the Alliance.

Unfortunately, leaders don’t always stay on the right path. If members of the Alliance do not reflect any one of the four pledges, they can be released from the Alliance. This action is necessary to maintain the integrity of the Alliance (the integrity of its members and its members’ witness in ministry).

The Christian Leaders Alliance release process:

  1. A bad report has been communicated to the Christian Leaders Alliance headquarters.
  2. An investigation follows.
    • As per Matthew 18, the investigation starts with the person reported.
    • If necessary and possible, the investigation broadens to local ministry contacts.
    • If necessary and possible, the investigation broadens to Christian Leaders Alliance members connected to the person reported.
  3. A judgment is made based on whether the person is still a member in good standing and is either released or sustained.
  4. Reinstatement Process. A released member of the Christian Leaders Alliance can be reinstated as a member in good standing if the following occur:
    • The person must have a desire to be restored.
    • The person must make amends where appropriate.
    • The person must again go through the ordination recommendation process.

The contact person for the release and reinstatement process of Christian Leaders Alliance is Brian DeCook.