Licensed Ministry Officiant

Are you a Christian leader who loves praying with people? Maybe you receive great joy out of visiting people in the hospital. Maybe people see you as an “unofficial pastor.” Maybe others have told you, “You should be a minister!” You have been encouraged by such comments because you love to serve God and others.

Are you aware of the Christian Leaders Alliance Licensed Ministry Officiant program? This program may be ideal for you! This program includes free ministry training from Christian Leaders Institute.

You will also need to submit two recommendations that attest to your character and aptitude for ministry.

The Licensed Ministry Officiant program is part of the Licensed Clergy program at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Called Christian leaders who are discerning their calling, may find this a perfect way to explore clergy ministry. This program is also perfect for the busy Christian leaders who have limited time but want to maximize their time for ministry outreach.

The Licensed Ministry Clergy role does not include Christian wedding officiant training. This program is for those who want to focus on ministry functions other than performing wedding ceremonies.

 Program Details

Licensed Ministry Officiant (9 Credits)

This clergy role is a 9 credit training program.

Ministry Training

Getting started Class (0 Credits)
Connections (3 Credits)
Christian Basics (3 Credits)
Influence Smart (1 Credit)
Officiant Ministry Skills (2 Credits)
Officiant Minister Recognition Class (0 Credits)

Total: 9 Credits


You will need two recommendations concerning your character and calling for this clergy role.


You will be recognized by the Christian Leaders Alliance as a licensed clergy member, and your profile will be listed on the Christian Leaders Alliance website.

The Licensed Ministry Clergy role is designed for those interested in “ministry” officiant roles. This role does not include performing a wedding ceremony but does include a wide variety of ministry duties. Such as:

  • Baptisms and Dedications
  • Funerals
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Professions of Faith
  • Confessions of Sin
  • Forgiveness Prayers and Ceremonies
  • Anointing Ceremonies
  • Care Facilities Visits
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Master of Ceremony

 Steps of Involvement

Step one:

Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and complete the Admissions Course. This course introduces you to the culture of Christian Leaders Ministries. Including the Christian Leaders College, the Christian Leaders Alliance, and the Life Coach Minister.

Step Two:

Complete the required ministry training courses listed above. These courses ordinarily take students between 2-5 months.

Step three:

Enroll in the Licensed Ministry Officiant course and complete the required activities including the gathering of two recommendations.

Step Four:

If desired, order the Recognition Package that fits your personal situation. There is a cost to the packages or you can participate in the clergy vision partners program for one year.