Have you heard about Coaching Ministers? They are often called Life Coach Ministers.

The world of Coaching has expanded, and many organizations have gotten involved. The field of Coaching seeks to encourage the client to own the direction and plans of their lives. The coach asks curious questions that keep the client focused on the problems they want to solve. The coach helps the client form workable plans. Some say this is incompatible with being a religious leader. And it is often true that religious leaders come off as “answer men” or “answer women.”

The fact is that Christian ministers do have the living word of Christ, the Bible, and we do have answers for life’s more perplexing challenges. However, there is tension between allowing Christians to own their problems, make a plan, and still point them to God’s Word.

Is there such a role as a Coaching Minister?

Christian Leaders Alliance credentials a coaching minister program. This program deals with the problems of integrating pastoral care and counseling roles with coaching approaches. The program is a ministry program that cherishes the role of the minister while applying the principles of coaching theory. How can that be done?

Coaching Minister Program Details:

The core Coaching Minister requirement first covers your basic minister credentials. Next, in the Ministry Calling and Confidence course, you will discern your calling in detail. This course helps you discern your identity as a Christian minister. Finally, you will also complete the Christian Leaders Connection course, which functions as your Ministry 101 orientation. In this course, you will learn what it means to be a minister.

Next, you will become grounded in Biblical doctrine by completing the Introduction to Christian Doctrine. This popular course is led by Dr. David Feddes and uses materials Dr. Edwin Roels wrote.

Ministers have been trained in officiating. This Coaching minister program also gives you the skills to officiate weddings and other important religious events.

Ministers work with people; this core role includes the one-credit course on Influence Smart. This skill will make you more confident with your people skills.

What about Coaching? Finally, you must complete a two-course series on Coaching. The first course is a comprehensive course on Coaching or Life Coaching Ministry. This course focuses on non-directive coaching theory and practice. The next course integrates how ministers can offer semi-directive and even directive coaching to their clients or congregants.

Coaching Minister Requirements

  • Ministry Calling and Confidence (1 Credit)
  • Min 100 – Christian Leaders Connections (3 Credits)
  • Theo 101 – Introduction to Christian Doctrine (3 Credits)
  • Wedding Officiant Skills Course (1 Credit)
  • Officiant Ministry Skills (2 Credits)
  • Influence Smart (1 Credi)
  • Coaching Ministry (3 Credits)
  • Coaching Ministry Part 2 – Semi and Directive Approach  (1 credit)

Total Credits 15

Mini-Courses: (6 mini-courses)

  • Essential Philosophy (0 Cr)
  • Critical Grace Theory (0 Cr)
  • How to be Interesting (0 Cr)
  • Leading Bible Studies (0 Cr)
  • Basic Ministry Speaking (0 Cr)
  • Overview of Mental Health Integration (0 Cr)

The Licensed Coaching Minister credential is for volunteer or part-time, or full-time life coach ministers. Maybe you are a non-licensed minister in a church, and you believe a licensed clergy status will help you serve better. Perhaps you are testing the ministry waters out, and this program will launch you for even more study of ministry on your way to ordained clergy roles with the Christian Leaders Alliance.


You need two recommendations concerning your character and calling for this clergy role.


The Christian Leaders Alliance will recognize you as a licensed clergy member, and your profile will be on the Christian Leaders Alliance website. You can legally perform wedding ceremonies in the United States and other parts of the world. This credential will establish you as a Life Coach Minister. This licensed credential is perfect for volunteer and vocational service in a local church or ministry.

You will also be licensed to perform the following functions:

  • Coaching or Life Coaching
  • Weddings
  • Baptisms and Dedications
  • Funerals
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Profession of Faith
  • Confession of Sin
  • Forgiveness Prayers and Ceremonies
  • Anointing Ceremonies
  • Care Facilities Visits
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Master of Ceremony Events


  • This program has actual Christian leader training. Unfortunately, most online licensing or ordination websites only send you a piece of paper that says you are now clergy (without meaningful training).
  • When you complete this program of study and licensing, you will be awarded your minister credentials. The training is free, and the actual posting of the licensed credential is free. The generosity of vision partners supports both. There is an administrative fee for the physical credentials. You may also register a Soul Center practice.
  • Government officials can look up your name as an ordained clergy member.
  • You are introduced to the world of ministry training and can discern whether you want to continue with more training and credential levels.