Christian Leaders Alliance has launched the Revival Minister Mentor Council. These Minister Mentors serve Minister Mentors leaders at large who are called to provide encouragement, Mentorship and in many cases oversight or covering to minister leaders connected to Christian Leaders Alliance. Many ordained ministers in the Christian Leaders Alliance will already have their local minister mentor covering in place area.

Christian Leaders Institute is recruiting Minister Mentors who have the following qualifications:

  1. Christian leaders who are qualified leaders as set forth in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 2.
  2. Christian leaders who are at least 28 years old and show life competence, peacemaking, and people maturity.
  3. Christian leaders who have at least five years experience in ministry, including,
    • Christian leaders who are ordained pastors new to the CLI and CLA community who have also gone through the deacon minister ordination through Christian Leaders Alliance. This helps them understand how to mentor and oversee these new ministers.
    • Christian leaders who are ordained as an Associate Minister through the Christian Leaders Alliance.
    • Christian leaders who are nominated by the current Revival Minister Mentor Council of Christian Leaders Alliance.
  4. Christian leaders who have a desire to cultivate new and newly ordained ministers in the CLA.
  5. We highly regard the spouses of the Minister Mentor Leaders. We like the model of Priscilla and Aquilla in the New Testament. If a wife or husband is called to raise up revival leaders, her or his spouse is also considered on the Revival Minister Mentor Team
  6. Christian leaders who are willing to host local CLI graduation and ordination events in their area.
  7. Christian leaders who have a desire to have a relationship with local CLI students or ordained CLA leaders. These leaders are encouraged to host gatherings.
  8. Once someone is nominated and included on the Minister Mentor team, that leader can request to be removed. Or if someone is not a fit, the Revival Minister Mentor Council can remove them from the team. The Revival Minister Council consists of Brian and Andrea De Cook, Henry and Pam Reyenga, Todd and Lisa Hazleton, and Roy Lucas. New Minister Ministers will be added in the next year.
  9. Christian leaders who promote Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance even as they are developing local Christian leaders.
  10. Christian leaders who are vision partners, who model to others this generosity-driven ministry.
  11. Christian leaders who maintain an updated profile with an updated quality photo. They may include the website of their church or ministry.
  12. Christian leaders who are committed to continuing ministry training.
  13. Christian Leaders who are willing to attend Revival and Renewal Conferences in their nation if they are offered. This is not required but recommended.
  14. Christian leaders who have a desire to reach all races and economic situations with the gospel.