Christian Leaders Alliance presents trained and credentialed ministry leaders who have been training at Christian Leaders College and Christian Leaders Institute. These leaders have their ministry credentials with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

The Christian Leaders Alliance Kingdom Directory includes member churches, ministries, and ministry practices.


  • New Churches – Christian Leaders Alliance is actively planting new churches; listing and supporting them.
  • Established Churches – Christian Leaders Alliance invites existing churches to join the Christian Leaders Alliance to serve their kingdom connection needs.
  • Houses Churches – Christian Leaders Alliance is actively planting or affiliating with new or existing house churches. This opportunity recognizes house churches in this kingdom directory.
  • Internet Churches – The Internet has created new possibilities. Christian Leaders Alliance ministers are invited to register their internet church.


  • Global – Ministries are welcome to affiliate with the Christian Leaders Alliance (Online Ministries Welcome).
  • Community – Local ministries are invited to affiliate with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Professional Ministry Practices

  • Kingdom Strategists – The kingdom strategists look at their community and their circle of influence and ask “apostolic” questions on spreading the gospel.
  • Peace Strategists– The peace strategist is trained to help people in their relationships to address conflicts in a Christ-centered manner, seeking not only to find common ground but also to preserve the relationship.
  • Life Coach Ministers –  Life Coach Ministers are trained and credentialed to use the principles of life coaching and apply them to Christian ministry situations.
  • Matchmakers – Matchmaker Ministers help active Christian singles to find their Kingdom match. Matchmaker Minister practices focus on helping singles in local communities, local churches, or groups of churches.
  • Wedding Officiants – Wedding Officiants will help people get married, centering their experience in Christ Jesus.
  • Marriage Minister – A Marriage Minister Practice may include Life Coaching, Pastoral Care, or Marriage Chaplain type roles. Marriage Ministers are trained in ways to help Christians thrive in their marriages.
  • Community Chaplains – A community Chaplain practice connects you with community organizations and individuals who welcome the chaplain approach in their organizations.
  • Reputation Repair Strategists – A reputation repair strategist works with those who need help to establish a new life in their community.
  • Prayer Strategist – The prayer strategist meets with individuals, churches, and businesses and oversees specific prayer covers. A prayer strategist may offer deliverance ministry.
  • (More Categories to be added)

MinistryBiz Enterprises

General – As Ministry and Business connect in new ways, these minister-run businesses place Jesus Christ at the center of their enterprise.

Coffee – A coffee MinistryBiz creates an environment that opens the door for the spread of ministry and Christianity. A Coffee MinistryBiz may work very well with Ministries Practices.

Cleaning – A Cleaning MinistryBiz opens the door to many ministry possibilities while serving others by cleaning their spaces.

De-Cluttering – A De-Cluttering MinistryBiz helps people declutter and organize their life and offers the light of Jesus Christ to declutter their souls.