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How Does The Program Work?

You will need to complete two free online courses to earn your ordination. The first course is the Getting Started Course which will teach you the basics about Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) as well as how to navigate throughout the program. The second is the wedding ordination course itself which will train you how to officiate a wedding. After completion of these two courses you can order your credentials to officiate a wedding. Both courses can be completed in 14-21 days depending on the pace you studying at.

How to get started

1. Create your student account at CLI by clicking the button below.

2. You will automatically become enrolled in our Getting Started course which is a required course to complete. This course will teach you about the CLI program.

3. You will need to enroll in the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Course which will teach you how to officiate a wedding.

4. After completion of this course you will be able to order your credentials.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Creating your account as well as all the courses are all 100% free. There are no upfront costs so if anything changes you do not need to worry about loosing out on any money. The only thing that costs money is to purchase the physical ordination when you are ready to receive it.

The Ordination Certificate costs $55.00 - The certificate is permanent and does not need to be renewed and has no annual, monthly, or hidden fees.

The full ordination Package (optional) it is $125.00 The package includes the Ordination Certificate, Letter of Good Standing, Officiant Ordination ID Card, and Clergy Parking Pass. Like the certificate it is permanent, does not need to be renewed and has no annual, monthly, or hidden fees.

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"I am thankful to be an ordained Christian Wedding Officiant with Christian Leaders Alliance ... This ordination course gave me a lot of great tools to use for when I officiate the next wedding. Thank you, CLI and Christian Leaders Alliance for offering these excellent materials and this opportunity."
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