Ordained Associate Minister

The Ordained Associate Minister role includes extensive Christian Leaders Institute training. The Associate Minister has already received ordination as a deacon minister. This Ordained Associate Minister role allows ministers to function in many capacities in ministry.

Such as:

  • Associate Minister
  • Officiant Minister
  • Staff Minister
  • Visitation Minister
  • Associate Missionary
  • Pastor’s Wife

The Christian Leaders Institute Ordained Associate Minister includes 39 credits of ministry training study. This gives you a well-rounded program for an Associate Minister.  The classes include:

  • Christian Leaders Connection (3 Credits)
  • Christian Wedding Officiant Skills (1 Credit)
  • Ministry Officiant Skills (2 Credits)
  • Ministry 101 (3 Credits)
  • Christian Basics (3 Credits)
  • New Testament Survey (3 Credits)
  • Old Testament Survey (3 Credits)
  • Church and Ministry (3 Credits)
  • Church History (4 Credits)
  • Pastoral Care and Marriage (3 Credits)
  • People Smart Relationships 101 (3 Credits)
  • Developing House Churches (3 Credits)
  • Peace Smart Relationships (3 Credits)
  • Deacon Minister Ordination Class (1 Credit)
  • One Elective (3 Credit)
  • Ordained Associate Minister (1 Credit)
  • Total Credits 42 credits

Once you are done with this class, you will be recognized as an Ordained Associate Minister in the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Steps for ordination as an Ordained Associate Minister (42 Credits Program)

  1. Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and complete the Getting Started Class: Scholar Orientation.
  2. Complete the Ministry Training for the Deacon Minister Ordination.
    1. Christian Leaders Connection (3 credits)
    2. Christian Basics (3 credits)
    3. Christian Wedding Officiant
  3. Complete the Deacon Minister Ordination Class (1 credit)
    1. Get three recommendations from your local community, possibly including a Christian Leaders Alliance ordained mentor.
    2. Receive your official ordination documents from Christian Leaders Alliance, sent through the Christian Leaders Institute offices.
    3. Be ordained by the laying on of hands.
    4. Be included in the Christian Leaders Alliance ordination directory.
  4. Complete the additional 33 credits of ministry training.
    1. Ministry 101 (3 credits)
    2. New Testament Survey (3 Credits)
    3. Old Testament Survey (3 Credits)
    4. Church and Ministry (3 Credits)
    5. Church History (4 Credits)
    6. Pastoral Care and Marriage (3 Credits)
    7. People Smart for Ministry (3 Credits)
    8. Developing House Churches (3 Credits)
    9. Peace Smart for Ministry (3 Credits)
    10. One Elective (3 Credits)
  5. Take the Ordained Associate Minister at Christian Leaders Institute(1 credit) and order your updated ordination credentials.

You will be listed on the Christian Leaders Alliance ordination directory.

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