Ordained Church Planting Minister

Total Program 34 Credits

The ordained church planting minister has received the training to plant a church. The ordained Church Planting Minister has already been ordained as a deacon minister. This ordained Church Planting Minister is considered a fully ordained minister in his/her community.

You will have the ministry skills to lead in the following roles:

    • Church Planter
    • Ordained Officiant Minister
    • Local Church Minister
    • Missionary
    • House Church Minister
    • Small Group Leader
    • Bible Study Leader
    • Cell Group Leader

Steps for ordination as a Church Planting Minister
(37 Credits Program)

  1. Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute and complete the Getting Started Class

  1. Complete the Ministry Training for the Deacon Minister Ordination (9 credits)
    1. Christian Leaders Connection (3 Credits)
    2. Christian Basics (3 Credits)
    3. Christian Wedding Officiant Skills (1 Credit)
    4. Ministry Officiant Skills (2 Credits)
  2. Complete the Deacon Minister Ordination Class (1 Credit)
    1. Get three recommendations from your local community, possibly including a Christian Leaders Alliance ordained mentor.
    2. Receive your official ordination documents from Christian Leaders Alliance, sent through the Christian Leaders Institute offices.
    3. Be ordained by the laying on of hands.
    4. Be included in the Christian Leaders Alliance ordination directory.
  3. Study the remaining Christian Leaders Institute, training classes. (26 Credits)
    1. Old Testament Survey (3 Credits)
    2. Ministry 101 (3 Credits)
    3. New Testament Survey (3 Credits)
    4. People Smart for Ministry (3 Credits)
    5. Church and Ministry (3 Credits)
    6. Sermon Construction and Presentation (4 Credits)
    7. PeaceSmart Relationships 101 (3 Credits)
    8. Church Planting  (4 Credits)
  4. Take the Ordained Church Planting Minister Class (1 Credit)

If you are seeking to be ordained as a Church Planting Minister in a denomination other than the Christian Leaders Alliance, this class will launch you as a Church Planting Minister. You must take the following courses before you are allowed to enroll in this Church Planting Minister Ordination Class.

Once you are done with this class, you will be recognized as an ordained Church Planting Minister in the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Publication in the Christian Leaders Alliance Ordination Directory.

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