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Online Minister Ordination

Online Minister Ordination: My Testimony and Call to Ministry

Online Minister Ordination My name is David Khumalo, and I am receiving my online minister ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance. I am turning 55 years old in October this year. For this grace, I am eternally grateful to God, our Father.…
Ordination Journey in ministry

Ordination Journey in Ministry

My Ordination Journey in Ministry My name is Tammy Surrine McCray, and the following is my ordination journey in ministry. I am currently residing in Orlando, Florida. This Deacon Minister Ordination will assist my ministry with having a greater…
Ministry Call

Ministry Call: Called for a Purpose

Ministry Call I live in Gore, New Zealand, with my wife and four children, and I have a ministry call from God. I didn't grow up in a Christian home, but I did have amazing Christian grandparents who occasionally took me to church. Despite…