Minister Credential Program

Are you an active Christian who senses a call into ministry and looking for a premier online and local minister credential program that fits your situation? Are you already serving in ministry but want a formal ministry study program that includes ministry credentials?

Do you consider yourself a lay minister or church leader who desires training in a specific area of ministry?  Are you seeking licensed or ordained status? Do you want to gain confidence in your calling by being connected to free college-level ministry training courses?

Do you want to be part of a new generation of Ministry leaders who are volunteers, part-time, or career ministry leaders?

Do you want to be connected to a growing alliance of recognized Commended,  Licensed, or Ordained Ministers? 

Does the Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) fit your situation? Christian Leaders Alliance provides a Minister Credential Program started by Christian Leaders Ministries.  CLA is called to encourage and mobilize commended, licensed or ordained Christian leaders to:

  1. Walk with God in a Biblical manner. Enroll now. The first course, the Christian Leaders Getting Start Class (1 Credit) will help you discern your calling and walk with God closer.
  2. Study free of charge at Christian Leaders Institute and receive Commended, Licensed, and Ordained Minister recognition.
  3. Band together with other recognized clergy members and ministers to expand the Kingdom of God.

Christian Leaders Alliance Support Network

How does Christian Leaders Alliance support its members?

Commended, Licensed, and Ordained Minister Posting and Recognition Packages

Connection to a global ministry movement

  • Opportunities to plug into a global ministry movement
  • Opportunities to expand your leadership in an apostolic movement
  • Commended Minister Process – These called ministers are often called lay ministers. We called them commended ministers. This minister credential program is ideal for volunteer ministers who minister in specialized areas.
  • Licensed Minister Process This is the first clergy minister program that often fits part-time ministers.
  • Ordained Minister Process This is a clergy ministry program that is tailor-made for those part-time or full-time ministers who are doing the advanced study.

Connection to other ministry leaders

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Certified Life Coach
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Licensed as a Ministry Chaplain
Hey, y'all. My name is Gary George, and I am studying at Christian Leaders Institute to be licensed as a ministry chaplain (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here). My wonderful wife and I have been married 35 years. We have four…
Licensed Officiant
Hello, my name is Ana Garcia. My husband and I have a church ministry in California. Becoming a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant will help me in so many ways. We've been in our congregation for 16 years. So many times, people asked me to…
Wedding Officiant and Ordination
Hello, my name is Larry Asher, I am studying at Christian Leaders Institute to be a wedding officiant and ordination (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here). Being licensed as a wedding officiant with the Christian Leaders Alliance…

The Christian Leaders Alliance

Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) is connected to the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI). CLI does the ministry training, the Christian Leaders Alliance guides the commending, licensing, and ordaining of clergy through a process of study and local connections.

Internet scams make your licensing or ordination more of a financial transaction. Christian Leaders Alliance connects you with an ecuministry certification.

Minister Credential Program Vision and Mission

Vision Statement
CLA exists to encourage Alliance members to fulfill their ministry calling in reliance on the Holy Spirit and for the glory of Jesus Christ.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by encouraging and supporting CLA members to fulfill their ministry calling by providing ministry credential recognition, continuing ministry education programs, communication networks, mentoring, and related services.  It is our mission to pray for one another, that in relentless reliance on Jesus Christ and the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, every CLA member may “lay hold of that for which Jesus Christ has laid hold” of them.

Leaders Alliance (CLA) is blurring the historical lines between clergy and laity. CLA is passionate that volunteers ministers are not only laity but are now considered ministers as well. Historically these leaders have been called lay ministers. We now call them Commended Ministers. See the Commended Minister program.

We are also excited about a quality license and ordination program for bi-vocational and full-time ministers.

You have access to this Minister Credential Program on the internet.  You do not move away from your center of influence, but stay where you are to champion more gospel impact!

Sign up now to begin your generosity-driven ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. You can study all the classes free after you finish the introductory class.

History of the Ordained Minister in the Early Church

The line between clergy and laity was more organic in the first two centuries of the church. In the 300s, around the time of Roman Emperor Constantine, churches stopped identifying local leaders out of their congregations. Instead, they began “calling” them from other places. Eventually, the church hierarchy managed and placed the clergy. Clergy members were usually trained, licensed, or ordained. Most of them eventually were placed in their location by the Bishop. Most were career clergy members. The volunteer ministers were considered lay ministers, and many did not receive training or recognition.

Over the centuries, the grassroots way was lost. Christan Leaders Alliance is returning to the early church way of things. We believe that volunteers, bi-vocational, or vocational ministry leaders are ministers. Whether ordained or licensed or commended, each minister has an important function in the church and kingdom.