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Ordained Ministry Women

Hello and blessings! My name is Nikki (Nicole) Brenic and I am excited to join the army of ordained ministry women at Christian Leaders Alliance. I was born in Racine, Wisconsin and currently reside in Milwaukee. I have been married for 20 years to my husband Mark. This is the second marriage for both of us. We have three children together, but five between us, ages 4,16,19, 23 and 29. We also have four cherished grandchildren. From second grade on, I was brought up in a Catholic home. My great-grandmother taught me about God as a young girl. I spent eleven years in Catholic schools. I loved the Lord, but while in the US Army at the age of 19, I felt I was not as spiritual as I would like to be and began seeking other faiths in hope of finding a religion I better identified with. After many years of searching, and at times, falling from the Lord, I felt close to God once again at a non-denominational, Bible based church. I was baptized again

After many years of searching, and at times, falling from the Lord, I felt close to God once again at a non-denominational Bible-based church. I was baptized again in the church and have been trying to find my calling since. Over the past year and a half, I have wanted to pursue religious studies and join the army of ordained ministry women. I have had a heart for counseling and helping others. I have thought about becoming a minister for this period of time. Not only will the Christian Leaders Institute training guide me in the best direction of helping others, but it will help me to better understand and learn the Bible and help others seek and come to walk with the Lord. My hope is to minister to other housewives, mothers and those who have been abused to show them their lives can be revived through walking with God through all of their struggles and life’s challenging moments. Having been a survivor of domestic abuse as well as military sexual trauma, becoming a deacon minister in the ordained ministry women army will allow me to minister to those in need. I hope to minister to women and children who are victims of abuse. I would love the opportunity to teach them about God’s word and show them they are loved and are worthy of love. I would love to help them grow through Christ to become stronger individuals and overcomers. I also hope to minister to the poor and homeless by offering food and praying with the less fortunate.

Receiving a scholarship through CLI will bless my life in so many ways. Through this blessing, I will be able to pursue my calling to the body of ordained ministry women, since I am a low income, disabled veteran, I would not be able to afford this path otherwise. This scholarship will allow me to receive the training and skills I will need to show others the love and way of the Lord. This free training is a true blessing to me and my family! Without it, being a low income, disabled Army veteran, and caretaker to my disabled husband, I would not be able to afford or achieve my ministry goals.

Check out Christian Leaders Institute for free ministry training and to begin your ordination process. Learn more about the Christian Leaders Alliance click here.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.

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