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Ordained Evangelist Minister – Footprints Around the World

I am Judy Haskin-Harris, the Executive Director of Footprints Around the World, Inc. in Los Angeles, Ca. We feed the homeless community of South L.A., distribute Thanksgiving boxes to needy families, and also give toys to children at Christmas. I have ministered in my local church, and now I am seeking to become an Ordained Evangelist Minister. I love God and believe in the great commission (Matthew 28:19).

By receiving my Deacon Minister Ordination, this will assist my ministry because I feel complete now, where before I felt stagnated. I am thankful to have earned this Ordination in Ministry as I have studied to show myself approved. Through theses lessons and classes, I received more insight and I really appreciate the lectures, tests and the Biblical applications. I am positive of my calling because I understand that you can have a vocation and not a calling, but Christian Leader Institute will make sure that you know for certain that you are truly aware of your calling by God. Now I am on the path to continue in the ministry to become an Ordained Evangelist Minister and serve wherever Gods leads me in His kingdom.

As I continue my work in my nonprofit organization, Footprints Around the World, Inc., I pray that our Food for the Soul Ministry here in Los Angeles, CA can grow in many ways. I now can go with confidence and with more knowledge of the Bible to assist in leading others to Christ with confidence and power through the Holy Spirit. The fact that this course is free of charge is a huge blessing. I can tell others about how informative it is and how you can grow in your ministry and you can grow closer in your walk with Christ. I am grateful for Christian Leaders Institute and pray that God will bless all of the staff and members exceedingly and abundantly, and I ask that you would pray for Footprints Around the World, Inc. that God would lead us to the lost souls, that they may be saved and enter into the Kingdom of God, and that He would use us all for His glory.

Learn more about local Ecuministry Ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.

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