Youth Minister Ordination

Youth Minister Ordination

Youth Minister Ordination

My name is Emanuel, and I live in Miami Lakes, Florida. Professionally I am what some would call a jack of many trades. I hold degrees in various fields including healthcare, technology, and science. But as of lately I’ve felt the Lord calling me to the ministry. I come from a small family with only one other sibling who lives in their household and is married. My story with Christ began many years ago during a rather difficult time in my life. In the midst of that adversity one young follower the only true friend, I had planted the seed that would one day blossom into the faith that I have today. Her kindness and the Lord working through her brought me to the faith one evening in the spring of the year 1999 which was the evening I gave my life to Christ in prayer. I found my church home almost ten years later to that day, a home I have found hope, fellowship and my calling for the last ten years.

My passion has always been working with young men and women so the main focus of my ministry will be with college-age students. I plan on working with them within my church and if possible within my college. I ultimately want to get into Christian counseling, and I feel that Christian leaders Institute would be an excellent foundation upon which to build my future ministry plans on. I want to dedicate myself to reaching out to all the young men and women out there who may be dealing with adversity in their lives and show them how Christ can turn that around for them in the same way that he did for me. I am happy to say that I have been doing that lately at my church. I teach middle school students every Sunday which has been one of the many blessings the Lord has given me in my life.

The entire Deacon Minister, Ordination class, has added another dimension to my academic experience at Christian Leaders Institute. It has added yet another stroke to the ministry portrait that the Lord is painting in my life right now. One that has had me sitting there as this unfolds and see even clearer just how significant my work has been and will be in the future. Being ordained will not just simply be a title, but it will be yet another critical part of Youth Minister Ordination for me.   The training has provided me with a clear vision of the kind of a person The Lord needs me to become to be successful as not just a Decon but as a true fisher of men.  Right now I am presently working as a coordinator for a youth ministry that we have at our church. I have been given even more responsibility and involvement due to my ever increasing background and training in the ministry. Also, several churches across the United States have contacted me about opportunities in their church which I am respectfully considering.

I am nothing short of amazed at how my training has served those I teach at my current church. I have seen young men and women rise from the grips of fear, discouragement, and sorrow into the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ thanks to the work that he has been doing through me. The ministry and all its blessings are unfolding in all its three dimensions right before my eyes. I can now see why the apostles did the work that they did I mean there is nothing more amazing and miraculous than bringing someone to Christ. And to be a part of that process is humbling beyond words.

I have undergone a metamorphosis spiritually and emotionally that cannot be described in mere words. Even those around me are seeing me as a minister and have time and time again confirmed that I have become even more driven and on fire for Christ since beginning this program. I have become more confident and excited about working in the ministry. Most of all thanks to this training I now know that this is my true calling, not just a mere dream I have held onto for so many years.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.