Ordination Dreams

Ordination Dreams

Ordination Dreams

My name is Benedict Simiyu Perekuni and I have ordination dreams and plans for ministry. My country is Kenya and it is in Nairobi that I work for a living and as I serve God. I was born and raised in a humble remote western province of Kenya. In our family, we have nine siblings four of us boys and five girls. I schooled both primary and secondary in a Friends church ministry school within Kitale area of Trans-Nzoa county which is my rural home. My mum is a devoted Christian who raised all of her children in a basic Christian way. Although our dad did not participate so much in any church or Christian matters, I give thanks to both of my parents who brought me up to be who I am now.

I came to personally know God as my Savior while I was in high school. I thought my education was ending prematurely since my parents never had any formal employment and by then were working on our small farm just to raise what could hardly feed our family. I had been sent home for fees several times and I had given up going home for school fees for I knew I could not get anything from my parents at that time. One Sunday, while in a Christian union service of students, there was a guest preacher who prophesied that there was a student in the service who had given up his education due to a scarcity of school funds. He said that God was doing a miracle for the student to finish his secondary (High) school education without a problem. That was me because the following week my mother, who was 48 years of age, got employed as a support staff in the same school that I was at. Her salary was then withheld partially to pay for my education until I finished my schooling. From that time, I accepted Christ, believed Him and I was baptized in an Assemblies of God church. Two years later, I finished high school and I have followed Christ to date despite many challenges on the way.

Later, I had a vision of encouraging our community to return to Christ. My dream, vision, and mission are to teach congregations, to teach other leaders in conventions and seminars, for more people to know more of our Lord Jesus, follow His ways, and be equipped with the knowledge to serve God. That is how I am currently being equipped by Christian Leaders Institute. This will revive churches surrounding us to come back to the true worship of God. I am currently serving God by any means I can while I still have time. I have a network of three churches that I minister the Word to; two of them are at my rural home and another one is in Nairobi. They are all different independent ministries.

I had a calling and was serving God as an Administrative Pastor in a local ministry in Nairobi before I stumbled on CLI while looking up and down for biblical educative material. I see a lack of true doctrine, wrangles in Christian churches,  and many serving God without proper knowledge of the Bible. My major aim was to get true doctrinal teaching material to use in educating myself and my fellow servants of God. While trying it out on the internet, I found some true, good, motivational teachings at CLI which prompted me to pursue ministry training here. For I also had no formal training in ministry due to lack of funds and not enough time. I am a family man and sole breadwinner for my young family and aged parents.

Currently, at CLI, I am pursuing both my ordination dreams and ministry training at a Ministry Diploma level. I am determined that I will reach the degree level despite financial shortfalls. CLI has already changed my life. I used to work for God without any formal education or ordination document. Now, thanks be to God, that I have several Certificates and Diplomas from CLI. My ordination as a deacon minister with Christian Leaders Alliance has just opened up a way for my service to God. I can now do even more than I was doing for God’s service through my ordination dreams. Since I am also permitted by the government of our country to officiate weddings, this deacon ordination is a channel to officiant ordination. May God use me as He desires for my calling as I minister in His name. I have found a way in Christ to pursue whatever I previously lacked in my service to the community and Christian churches without limits as an ordained minister by ministering the true Gospel of Christ.

My prayer is that with CLI I will fulfill my dream of taking the Gospel and sound doctrine to reach those in need. I plan to minister to many vulnerable people such as those affected and infected with the epidemic of HIV/AIDS. I will also encourage others in need of Christian education and ministry training to go to CLI.  My mission vision is to inspire until I expire. God bless CLI!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.