Upcoming Deacon Ordination

Upcoming Deacon Ordination

James Phillips’ Upcoming Deacon Ordination

My name is James Phillips and I have an upcoming deacon ordination. I live in Sevierville, Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains. I am excited that I have just completed my Deacon Ministry course and will be having my ordination ceremony in a few days. God has truly answered my prayer when He led me to the Christian Leaders Institute. Through the excellent course material and the mentoring of my local pastor, I feel prepared to step forward in a more active role, not only in my church but in the local community as well. I have been teaching at my local church and will be starting the Small Group Ministry there.

I did not immediately pursue the Deacon Ordination but took several other courses first. But the more I studied the more convinced I was that the Lord was calling me to seek ordination. I could have never afforded the training that I have received and I am thankful for such a gift from the Christian Leaders Institute, a generosity-driven school. I would encourage any others who are enrolled at CLI to become Vision Partners. It is our responsibility to make sure that those who can not afford to contribute have the same opportunity to realize their spiritual fulfillment. Please pray that I will continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. My desire is to do what He wants me to do and go where He wants me to go.

You can learn more about minister ordination, local ecuministry ordinations, and ordained minister study programs at Christian Leaders Alliance.

Pam Reyenga
Author: Pam Reyenga