Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry Ordination Call

Prison Ministry Ordination Call

My name is Troy Don Sharp of Papillion, Nebraska. My education is an opportunity to become trained in as many classes and qualifications as possible. Currently, I work a full-time job (not in ministry), and I am being called to prison ministry, community outreach, and possibly an assistant chaplain position. I want as many qualifications as I can to assist me in acquiring a ministry position locally. However, I have two young children, and my wife of 14 years is on disability. She is on the heart transplant list waiting for a new heart. She’s a cancer survivor, and the chemo damaged her arteries. So she needs the transplant.

At this time, I am going all in on the education phases with Christian Leaders Institute. I feel I am progressing at a reasonable pace. Working in hospitals and helping the disabled and sick are jobs I have done. I can get along with people well. After my hard upbringing, I had a lot of growing to do.

A New Beginning

Prison ministry is all I can think about. In February of 2018, I am newly reborn after 22 years in the wilderness away from God. The realization came to me that I could not run from God anymore. Being sick and tired of how much misery was in my life brought me to Him. It boiled down to simply live or die. I was utterly terrified of making that one small step to totally surrender. Weeping, I went to the altar. I couldn’t believe what was happening. On my knees, I broke down humbly asking God to help me. I was scared. After my surrender, I noticed I felt relieved and had a strange secure feeling like nothing I had ever felt before. The pain and the misery left. There was no fear only a strength. It was and still is a great feeling.

Ever since then, I can’t get enough of God. My school work is a way to answer God’s call for the prison ministry. I have vigor and drive for learning and life. Life is still hard, but I don’t fear it. My prayer is that I remain humble, continue to pray, and live for and serve Him.

I could not afford to pay for school. This opportunity with CLI is a blessing from God. The fees are a concern. I don’t have a great paying job. Most months, it’s a struggle even if I get extra work on the side. I have been praying a lot for help money wise, just enough to afford my school expenses. I know God will provide. Thank you, CLI, for the opportunity to learn at the age of 48. It is never too late!

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.