Chaplain Ordination Journey

Chaplain Ordination Journey

Chaplain Ordination Journey

My name is Amanda Burton, and I am excited to be on this Chaplain ordination journey. God has blessed me to be the mother of four children. I have been a freelance writer for twenty years and have written Christian poetry for over fifteen years. I like to volunteer, spend time with my children, and write articles that uplift, and encourage people from all walks of life.

Currently, I reside in Sherwood, Arkansas, with my four beautiful children. I have always had a calling on my life. My first praise and worship song was at the age of two. I wrote my first poem at age seven, the first song at age ten, and became a praise and worship leader at age sixteen. God has touched my life in many ways over the years.

Chaplain Ministry Training with CLI

After completing my training at Christian Leaders Institute, I hope to be ordained as a Chaplain or possibly a Pastor. I want to help people grow in their walk with the Lord and help lost and hurting people. Upon completion of my Chaplain ordination journey, I hope to get my BA in Divinity.

I am a single mother, so I am not able to go to seminary. This free ministry training opportunity will help me get a quality education. It will also aid me in getting the ordination that I need to begin my work in ministry. This free ministry training and ordination opportunity are beneficial to my family and me. My children are a big part of my journey in ministry. Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for this fantastic training!

Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance

I have just finished the deacon ordination course. My ministry is Virtuosity Ministry. My ministry has many facets. It is a literary written ministry in which I encourage the people of God on a daily basis. I also have a part in helping with a prison ministry. I thank God that He has entrusted me with my gifts and my ministry.

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Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.