Ordained Deacon Youth Minister

Ordained Deacon Youth Minister

Ordained Deacon Youth Minister

Hello, my name is Logan Leach, and I am 20 years old. Becoming an ordained deacon youth minister is an answer to prayer. I was born and raised in South Carolina, in the Bible belt. I have a great family though not many in my family attend church. At one time when my sister and I were little, our family all attended church. It was also a time when my father was thinking of pursuing his certification in ministry and ordination to become a pastor. But due to unknown circumstances, my dad never received his certification, and my parents stopped going to church.

Saved by Grace and Called to Serve

My faith and my walk with Jesus didn’t truly begin until seven years after my parents left the church. As a child, I was challenging to my parents and made poor choices. One Sunday, I visited a church with a friend, and it was the last night of revival. The only thing I remember is the conviction that fell upon me while hearing the Word of God. The Spirit hit me, and I have never felt anything like it in my life. I couldn’t do anything besides sit in the pew and cry. After the service, I walked up to the Bishop who was preaching that night. I asked him to help me. This moment is when my walk with Jesus began. I have been walking with Him ever since.

After that and as I have matured and became more independent, I started to attend church regularly. Now in my church, I am a leader and a founding member. Although I currently do not have a certification or a degree, I desire as a growing leader within our ministry to further my knowledge and skills. I want to reach others for Christ and minister to them effectively. I do work each day as a mechanic at a local dealership in Augusta, Georgia. This work is eight to eleven hours a day. However, in my free time, I am devoted to working in our church and furthering the kingdom of God.

Ministry Training at CLI

I believe that the training I receive from Christian Leaders Institute will help me grow in many ways. As a founder and leader of a newly planted church, the training I receive will help strengthen my fundamental skills as a leader foundationally. It will increase my communication skills to lead other Christians to Christ effectively. Our church focuses on outreach, and I plan to use what I learn from CLI in everyday situations.  These situations cover helping the homeless, starting other outlets of ministry, and communicating with leaders from other churches.

I am grateful for the free ministry training from Christian Leaders Institute. I would be unable to attend otherwise. Financially, I am not able to afford it. I plan to continue in my education with the primary goal of obtaining a doctorate in divinity. I desire to answer the call of our Father by going into the ministry.  Growing in my knowledge and experience, I hope to become a revival leader in my community.

Ordained Deacon Youth Minister Call

This Deacon Minister Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance is a stepping stone toward my desired direction. That direction is to receive my commissioned minister ordination. Therefore, this Deacon Minister Ordination will provide me with the knowledge and credentials needed to move forward towards my goal.

Currently, I am holding the position of Student Director in my church. I am charged with the care and discipleship of the youth. There is a great need in today’s churches for highly trained leaders in youth ministry. The youth that I disciple are struggling with mental illness, the lack of relationship with Christ, a lack of direction in faith, and a lack of home discipleship. As an ordained deacon youth minister, I provide the youth with the guidance they need to walk the Christian life. The knowledge supplied through CLI’s free ministry training is astounding. This free ministry training provides the leaders that God calls with discipleship and leadership skills and understanding.

Prayer Request

Please, pray for the youth of today. Young people need the prayers of believers — the youth struggle with many things. Right now suicide is the second leading cause of death for those aged 15-25 and is the third leading cause of death for those 10-14. Churches all around the world need more people with a heart and the necessary knowledge to disciple the youth.

I pray for Christian Leaders Institute. CLI provides classes that help an ordained deacon youth minister genuinely know how to reach the youth. I know that as Christian Leaders Institute grows that we will see more and more highly qualified called leaders doing the work of God in their communities.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.