Minister Ordination Opportunity

Minister Ordination Opportunity

I am Israel Kojo Aglanu, and I am grateful for this minister ordination opportunity. Originally, I am from Akatsi, Volta Region, Ghana. Currently, I reside in Nigeria. I am a teacher, preacher, and international evangelist. I am married to my lovely angel Sandra N.Aglanu with a son, by the grace of God.

Though in the ministry for years without ordination, I took to the internet looking for free, reliable, and biblical training classes. God directed me to the Christian Leaders Institute (Good Samaritan Training Institute – my definition of CLI) in 2018.

Free Ministry Training a Blessing

When I enrolled in CLI in 2018, I didn’t believe I could make it this far. More biblically sound than other theological seminaries, CLI training had opened my spiritual mind to see more, understand more, and grow beyond when I first started.

I am still in my country working, attending to other assignments, and taking ordination classes at CLI. I must say this is a perfect and well-planned training class that fits every busy schedule in life as it matches mine. CLI has allowed me to advance my spiritual knowledge through this biblically oriented ordination class.

I am the only one who became a pastor in my family. Now, I am the first ordained minister for that matter. And it’s because of the CLI generosity-driven model that makes it possible. I am very grateful to CLI and Christian Leaders Alliance for this minister ordination opportunity to be ordained as a minister of the gospel. I know this has added more responsibilities for me. However, I feel fulfilled and happy as it now allows me to perform the sacraments and serve the body of Christ. I have a different mindset and reverence before the Lord.

To God, I give all the glory that now I can minister and lead services through this opportunity for free classes made available by CLI. I thought it was impossible, but through CLI it’s now possible.
Thank you, CLI, President Reyenga, Dr. Feddes, and the professors and staff of CLI, for this study opportunity!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.