Ordained Chaplain Journey

Ordained Chaplain Journey

  • Ordained Chaplain Journey

My name is Debra Phillips, and I am on an ordained chaplain journey. I am excited to begin this journey with God and the Christian Leaders Institute! My dream to serve God more effectively is finally coming true due to CLI. I could not afford to become a Minister/Chaplain due to finances. I am thankful for CLI and their free ministry training that helps me fulfill the call of God on my life. It takes a physical title to open doors and opportunities, and that is what CLI can provide for those whose heart is hungry to serve.

Dysfunctional Childhood

My childhood shaped and formed many of what I call “wasted years”. I grew up in a very dysfunctional alcoholic, drug-addicted family. There was abuse in many different ways from emotional, verbal, physical, violence, neglect and rejection. I lived in a foster home for a year and the foster parents cared only that they had a free farmhand and they worked you until you dropped!

It was at this time in my life, I lay in my bed at night talking to God. I knew about God from attending church as a child. However, I didn’t know him in an intimate way at that time, but I was searching.

I got into the easiest crowd at school to get along with “THE BAD CROWD.” They accepted you if you did what they did. This attitude meant trouble! Then, I began drinking and smoking weed which helped me get the “I don’t care” attitude. The whole time I took part in all these things, God stayed on my mind. He was always tugging at my heart.

Life Lessons

I became a very young mother. I was married with a baby on the way the night of high school graduation. This was a manifestation of needing someone to love me after being raised without love or nurturing. Looking back on my life, I see the effects of my childhood in all my life decisions.

I later in life entered into a marriage with a very violent alcoholic man and became once again a battered and abused woman in every way possible. I again, allowed my childhood to dictate my life decisions. What I had learned as a young girl repeated.

On my ordained chaplain journey, I had to learn how to love myself. The way I did that was through God putting Christian people in my life to teach me what family, love, morals, and values look like. These people have remained in my life for 30 years. Our relationships are still strong and wonderful! I learned that only God can create these kinds of people.

Ministry Training at CLI 

This deacon minister ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance is part of my ordained chaplain journey. I plan to be a very “REAL” minister/chaplain. Therefore, my goal is to go where those who have been rejected, neglected and tossed away can once again be found by GOD!

I have many pastors, military chaplains and a global evangelist in my family. They were praying for me to rise up in God’s army before I was even born. I am ready to join the great group of laborers in God’s army to reach the lost hurting people in today’s world.

God bless you CLI!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.