Ordained Deacon Opportunity

Ordained Deacon Opportunity

Ordained Deacon Opportunity

My name is Sherry Marshall, and I am thankful for this ordained deacon opportunity I was born in 1976 to two loving parents. I am the youngest of three children. I married a wonderful man, Todd Marshall. Together we have six children, two girls, and four boys. We live in Duchesne, Utah. We run a small mom and pop carpet cleaning company.

Early Life and Salvation

As a young child, we did not attend church except for VBS. Mainly done so my mom could receive a break during our summer break from school. I did not come to know the Lord until much later in life.

My first marriage was full of emotional and physical abuse. Eventually, I was able to break free but was full of anger, low self-esteem, and trust issues. Then I met and married my forever husband, Todd. He is strong in his faith and convinced me to try church. We tried a couple of them, however, nothing seemed to make sense. To be honest, I was going because he asked me to. I did not believe it would make any difference. He kept telling me and praying that I would hear from God. After much encouragement, I decided to try one last church. By the end of the service, I was at the altar crying and asking Jesus into my heart. I am forever grateful. His love, prayers, and patience are a testimony and example of how faith works.

My Calling

Today, I face many challenges in raising and counseling my children. Some are still at home and others have left the nest. My goal is to offer the best biblical advice and instill the love of Christ into their hearts. My prayer is to be a place of hope and a resource for change and spiritual guidance. I want to have a lasting impact on this generation and the generations yet to come. I feel called to teach people, especially my family, that it may not be that God is not speaking. It may be that we are not listening to what He has to say. I want to instill the value that reading the word of God is truly important but obeying the word of God is crucial to a life well lived.

The Many Blessings in CLI

With the free training at Christian Leaders Institute, I have this ordained deacon opportunity. I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful study program and plan on taking additional classes. I have plans to lead a women’s group at my local church. This ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance will strengthen my ministry. Every day and with every class, I am more prepared to talk with others, guide them, and pass that knowledge along. I am truly blessed by this program, and I praise God for you all.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.