Ordained Kingdom Worker

Ordained Kingdom Worker: Following God’s Steps

Ordained Kingdom Worker

My name is Douglas Hughes, and I am called to be an ordained Kingdom worker. I live in Ft. Myers, FL. My wife Rachel and I married over 20 years ago. I have five children and six grandchildren. Born in White Plains, NY, I lived most of my childhood in Decatur, GA, before relocating back to NY as a teenager. I have worked primarily in Retail Management. I have also been a Personal Trainer as well as a College Admissions Counselor. Currently, I am a leader with Kingdom Warriors, a faith-based recovery organization. My wife and I are co-leaders of this college and career group at our church.

My father is a Pastor, and my mother is a Teacher. So, as a result, I grew up understanding the value of a strong relationship with God and obtaining a good education. I accepted the Lord at an early age. I was five years old. While I remember the Sunday service when it happened, I know I didn’t understand all the theology behind the decision. I knew, even at such a young age, I wanted to live forever with Jesus. Growing up a preacher’s kid, I often heard that I had a calling on my life. However, although I loved God, I wasn’t truly ready to serve Him when I was a teenager.

My Spiritual Journey

My spiritual journey as an adult has been up and down, with many more downs than ups. As cliché as it may be, like other preacher’s kids, while Jesus became my Savior at a young age, He did not become my Lord until much later. Due to many disappointments and a lack of trust in God, I attempted to fill the space in my life reserved for God with other things. One of those things was alcohol, but through God’s grace, that is what led me to Christian Leaders Institute.

Before going to rehab for the fourth time, I had a conversation with God. I told God I wasn’t going to do any “Christian stuff.” I made it clear that I was going to get clean because I didn’t want to die. While the treatment center was secular, God gave me a lead therapist with a degree in biblical counseling and introduced me to the founder of Kingdom Warriors.

I knew that God had given me the ability to teach. Since rehab, He has allowed me to do that. Kingdom Warriors is a relatively new ministry, and our vision is not merely Setting Captives Free but also properly equipping people for Kingdom work. As our ministry grows, I have been looking for ways to formally expand my education. I have always enjoyed learning about the Bible and interested in the theology behind and the history of the Bible as a result of my father. I attended a Christian college and have also taken classes through the Assemblies of God. Most of that education was for personal gain, but now I wish to gain a broader understanding, so I am more usable for my Heavenly Father’s glory.

Trained and Ordained Kingdom Worker

This Deacon Minister Ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance will lay a foundation for my Pastoral calling. I have been aware of this calling on my life for some time but have only recently begun to accept and embrace the call. One of the ministries I work with (Kingdom Warriors) is a training ground for others to learn, grow, and use their talents for the Lord’s glory. One of the goals of this ministry is to help people thrive as active Christians both within the Christian community and with unbelievers in society. As a result, I believe it’s important to lead by example and demonstrate that there are steps to be taken for proper ministry training.

I am grateful for CLI and the fact that this process is not one where you must “jump through hoops” to gain formal education and credentials for ministry. This Deacon Minister ordination demonstrates leading by example. I know the ultimate call on my life is in the Pastorate, and I will be involved in full-time ministry. However, while every believer is called to minister, not everyone is called to ministry full-time. I know my obedience honors God. I hope that it will serve as an encouragement to others I will encounter who are seeking more knowledge from the Word of God.

CLA Ordained Kingdom Worker Blessing

I believe this ordination process models a “Chain of Command” that is important for ministers to work together in harmony and for ministries to flourish long term. This ordination also opens more opportunities since we live in a society that values formal education and confirmation. This ministry training and ordination process check both of those boxes. As I move forward with further ministry training, please pray for my ministry partners and me. May we never lose sight of the fact that while God is using us, to use a sports metaphor, we are merely the players on the field. God is both the owner of the team and the one calling the plays.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.