Legitimate Christian Leaders Institute Training

Legitimate Christian Leaders Institute Training

Free Legitimate Christian Leaders Institute Training: Why Did You Wait So Long?

My name is Michael I. Folds, Sr., and the legitimate Christian Leaders Institute training I am receiving moves me. I’m here to confess that God has been calling me for a very long time to ministry. Now, I responded for a while and had a music ministry called “Fall To Grace.” Fall To Grace was a group of musicians that wrote what was in our hearts. It was very much how we prayed. We prayed and played throughout the mid-west, working with youth camps, seminars, and conferences. This work was a very enjoyable ministry. I felt I was right where I should be.

Then life happened, and everyone went their separate ways. Fall To Grace was no more than a memory with some great songs on a CD. I then took up a couple of Music Minister positions with First Presbyterian Church of Columbia City and then Risen Savior Lutheran Church. Both were very fulfilling services to the Lord. But I always had the desire to preach, teach, and speak. You see the Holy Spirit was continually calling me, but I kept turning away. I made myself too busy for the schooling and prayer necessary to train in the Word. So, again and again, God called, and I stepped away.

Answering God’s Call

My wife and I began to attend the Jarvisburg Church of Christ. It was God’s will and in God’s time! We finally found a home. We became involved with the Jarvisburg Christian Academy and enrolled our children. I saw a need for some leadership training for young people and began to research the web. Low and behold, there was the Christian Leaders Institute. It seemed too good to be true. Free ministry training. So with some hesitation, I signed up. My attitude at first was that of a self-appointed “guinea pig.” Now, this is NOT a commercial for CLI. But the more classes I took, the more Scripture-based I realized the training was. Thank you, God. My Pastor read some of my assignments and some of the course readings, and our hesitations melted away.

One night, I was up late studying and praying. I felt a hot, comforting feeling come over me. I was suddenly very confident in my studies, and the Holy Spirit once again filled my every thought with inspirational songs, poems, and topics. I was no longer afraid. Why was I fearful for so long to give in to God’s calling? I tell you some times I can be stubborn.

Ordination as a Deacon Minister

Long story short, I will be Ordained as a Deacon Minister in the Christian Leaders Alliance and my home congregation of Jarvisburg Church of Christ. I will also train for the Chaplaincy in EMS, my bi-vocational employment. Jesus Christ is my promise, and my family and congregation are my prayer worriers.

I am 58 years old. All you young people DON’T WAIT to answer God’s call!!! Do not find yourself standing in front of Jesus Christ, and having Him ask you, “Why did you wait so long?” (Romans 5:1-11)

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.