Deacon Minister Journey

Deacon Minister Journey

Ordained Deacon Minister Journey

My name is Emmanuel Agyeman, a servant of God. My ordained deacon minister journey has been eventful. Born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana, as the first of six siblings, I was placed in a leadership role from birth. ​While growing up, my passion for the Holy Spirit took me to the streets of the market, where I preached the Word of God. At a tender age, the Holy Spirit came upon me, and I witnessed to my mom and neighbors. My passion for God from my early years made me love prayer and waiting on God in fasting.

However, in my early adult life, I got sidetracked by friends, lived a deceptive nature of life, and lost my fellowship with God for over 12 years. But the fantastic unfailing love of God and his Grace located me and brought me back home. I am proof of God giving a second chance even when we have lost our way. No matter how far you think you have gone from God, he can still save and use you.

Move to the USA and Ministry Work

Upon migrating to the United States, I settled in Virginia. Over the years, I sought the Lord for direction. As a result, I was directed to move to Connecticut. While in Connecticut, I attended Manchester Community College to become a machinist. At that time, I worshiped with Power Tabernacle Ministry. I served as a lay pastor under the Senior Pastor Nana Frimpong.

I am the Co-Founder of Arena Of Fire International in Hartford, Connecticut, with Pastor Eugen Osei. My desire is for all people to come to know the saving Grace of God, His ability to transform and set people free from the devil.

Ordained Deacon Minister Journey Leads to CLI

I am getting my ministry training at Christian Institute Leaders (CLI), which is so helpful and has a significant impact on my personal life and in my ministry as well. I have a very wonderful, beautiful woman as a wife by my side, Stacha Campbell Agyeman. God has blessed us with two children; Ethan and Abigail, ten years and 18 months old. Lamentations 3:37 has become one of my favorite verses.

As mentioned above, I currently co-pastor a church. Although I am not ordained, the other pastor is. This deacon ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance will, therefore, help me to start administering the sacrament of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. It will also enable me to seek official government recognition as a minister of the gospel. Then, I will visit the prisons and hospitals with the Word of God.

The ordination training course and ministry training that I received at CLI has assisted me in improving my ministry. I am currently taking more courses to build my confidence. I thank God for such a fantastic opportunity for me to obtain this excellent training through CLI. May God continue to bless you. Please, pray for me that I am faithful to the work God has called me to do.

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.