Outdoor Ministry Call

Outdoor Ministry Call Ordination

Outdoor Ministry Call

My name is Tim Murray, and I have an outdoor ministry call. I have been the troop master for a Trail Life troop for the last three years. Trail Life is an outdoor adventure and character-building organization for boys and young men. My wife Amanda and I and our five children live in a suburb of Philadelphia.

I am the youngest, by four minutes, of three children. I have a sister three years older and a twin brother. We went to church growing up. However, it was not until I joined the army and went on a deployment that I found God and let him in my life a little at a time.

I never realized my calling to my ministry, or maybe more correctly, I never wanted to see it. A friend wanted to start a Trail Life troop. He did not like the direction the Boy Scouts were taking, and he knew I felt the same. Shortly after we got the group up and running, he had a heart attack. So, I stepped in until he recovered. By the time he recovered, he had accepted a job in another state, so the troop was mine. I have been the troop master ever since. A couple of friends are also leaders in the troop.

Ministry Training and Ordination for my Outdoor Ministry Call

I started taking classes at Christian Leaders Institute to help me be a better ministry leader. The CLI Deacon ordination class and ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance are a blessing. In addition to CLI, I am also taking youth ministry courses at a local Christian university. With the ministry training, ordination, and my outdoor skills, I plan on enjoying my time as the troop master. It is a privilege teaching these boys and young men about the outdoors and Jesus.

My wife, Amanda, and I are both on our second marriages. She brought her two daughters into our new family, and I brought three boys of my own (Brady Bunch theme here?!). We treat each other’s children as our own, and our blended family is no different than most average families. Pray for us and my ministry as we seek to follow God’s leading in our lives. Thank you!

Henry Reyenga
Author: Henry Reyenga

Henry Reyenga is president of Christian Leaders Institute and Christian Leaders Alliance.